Robun Byrne:
Graham Barclay Email:
Alan Wyburn:
Peter Keith:

HOWEVER, Bruce Donald writes:

"OK you junior detectives, my prize will still go to the bloke who finds Jack Moffatt, anarchist extraordinaire, the demolition terror of the 2C prefab, and a lifelong source of hilarious tales to my children on the joy of ratbags. He left after third year."

Many thanks to those who are busy chasing up leads and finding the all-important e-mail addresses... keep them coming in, folks...

Jack Jarv:
Greg Frewer

More from Bruce Donald's memoirs on the elusive Jack Moffatt:

"As I recall Jack was a Cockney from the East End who had the misfortune to be stuck in 'Braddy Camp', the Bradfield Migrant Hostel. He was smart as a tack but a shambolic bloke who insisted on desert boots and an old Qantas bag while we were all black shoed. He had Coke bottle glasses which he used to great effect to feign complete innocence for his superb misdemeanours which included the famous demolition of the verandah wall by a series of levers during an English class".

Dear everybody,

We are now at the stage where we have e-mail contact with 79 out of about 180! Well done! Time for a bit of extra effort!!!

How about everyone trying to find out the e-mails of at least two people from the latest list (which I attach as both both word and text files)? If you do find that a phone number or some detail on the list no longer works, let me know and I will remove those details/false leads) from the list. Also if you have a good lead, but can't take it any further, then let me know and I shall put that info on the list to help others in their sleuthing.

Many thanks to those who have been working on finding people. I think we are going well (we have gone from no e-mails to the present 79 in about two months), but we need to maintain momentum. Then those of you who have put your hands up to help organise the actual reunion(Barry Silverton, David Barnett, John Friend, Ian Kaplin, Chris Tennant, Greg James, Wayne Watkins, Bob Watts, Leo Radom, Harley Wright, Mark Thompson, Colin Saltmarsh (NZ Co-ordinator)). (any more???) can begin to take over (I shall continue doing this job as, hopefully, the last e-mail contacts trickle in). David Barnett has written suggesting that those in certian professional fields (dentists, doctors, academics, etc) might wish to begin by concentrating on finding those who are in the same field as they are. In any case, can you look over the list, check that it has your own details correct (preferred name, short description of what you are doing professionally, contact address and phone number(s) and email) and then look through and see if you can help find at least two others we have not yet got the e-mails for). Happy sleuthing!

The following have been found! Keep up the good work and keep them e-mails rolling in...

Noel Clarke
Michael Hooper
Lloyd Ibels:
Terry Keith
Ian Powell:
Michael Morris:
Geof Kewley:
Brian Adams:
William Scott:
Richard Horsefield

Ross Thomas writes:

"Your list shows a "Thomas, Anthony J" with a Canberra phone number alongside it. The person concerned is actually Tony Williams, I think. The only Thomas in our year was myself."

On this basis I have removed Anthony Thomas - let us know if anyone feels this is not right...

Strewth! and I thought I didn't believe in ESP!

Have just returned from a week's hols to read the emails and Bruce Donald's wonderful description of Jack Moffatt.

While on hols someone mentioned the book ~"Ring of (Bright?) Islands" written by an English civil servant about his time on the Gilbert & Ellice Islands about a century ago. I mentioned to my friends my fond memories of this book which we had in 1st year - and Jack Moffatt reading it out to the class with great depth and feeling, a sort of hammed up professional reader.

Of course we students all nearly died, subduing our mirth, but our English teacher, who was freshly here from England, congratulated Moffatt on his wonderful rendition.

May be we should check out Actors Equity for the elusive Moffatt.

Oh yes, I leave it to your imagination or memories as to why Jack ripped a few pages out of his Latin book one day en route to school via a back lane.

Harley Wright,

20 Victoria St, Roseville, NSW 2069
Ph: 61-2-9412 2313 (H), Fax: 61-2-9412 2313 (H), Mob: 61-0428 976 450
(with voice mail)
e-mail (H) =, (B) =
Actually I remember that book. It was written by a bloke named Maude, and I later taught with his son Alaric at Flinders University and even before that when I taught at the University of the South Pacific in Suva, the book was in all the schools there...

By the way, I shall wait this coming week for you all to chase up whoever you can from the list of unknowns, so a bit of action on that front would be most appreciated. Remeber youyr quota is at least two!!! Then I will probably take up on Dave Barnett's suggestion and ask for volunteers to help with the intractables..

. At present we are at 88 e-mails found... well done! More! More!

Greg James has, more correctly than I, remebered that the author of the book, A Pattern of Islands, was Sir Arthur Grimble... Make me realise that a trivia quiz on NSBH 1957-61 is needed more than ever!!!! for starters, how many teachers can you name? (One point for each)

Keep them e-mails rolling in...Bruce Walker has been found: as have Doug Mill and John Ball both of whom do not have an email.

And for a bit more on the Moffatt saga we have another snippet of Bruce Donald wandering down memory lane (from an earlier e-mail he sent me: "I note that the list does not include the famous Jack Moffatt of the coke bottle glasses who blew up the 2C prefab in the eastern quad in 1958. He lived in the Bradfield Park Migrant Hostel and used to shag along to school with a smashed up old airways bag as all we good boys carried our Globites. He wore old desert boots while our polished black leather shoes shone out.

He would feign total puzzlement with the world as he plotted his next act of anarchy whether it was the famous collapsing wall or the desk top explosion.

He had absolutely no fear of that most fearful of Deputies, Carnegie, while we all thought that to be bashed by the brute would be tantamount to dying. I expect with all that, and having left after third year, Moffatt went on to head up a large wheeler dealer bank, or else he went to jail; I would be surprised if there were any in between.

In any event, I have raised my children with tales of Moffatt so they will always respect and appreciate ratbags and anarchists!" and this snippet on Tom Roper:

"..The list also does not include Tom Roper who ran away from home in 2nd year on the strength of the takings from his two-up school, only to go on to be an MP in Victoria. "

(Dr) Ron Witton
from Marc Thompson:

Donald Robertson is still in Gosford but does not have email. Richard Hooworth can be contacted via Kenneth West's email is and he hopes to get up to Sydney from Melbourne for the reunion.

Michael Stanford:
David Fegent:
I have tracked Michael Vowels down and hope to get his email address tonight.

Your list includes Murray Sime (correct) and Murray Syme (incorrect). I alsothought that the late Graham Birse had an "I" not a "U" in his name but I am happy to stand corrected.

Instead of dropping Anthony J Thomas I think you should change the name to Anthony J Williams as he was on the old list. What ever happened to David Wyndham (son of the Wyndham Report's author)? At one stage he was in our year but I cannot remember if he repeated."

James Levine contributed James O'Neill "unisyd where I last heard of him in Ancient History. He was with Mortley & myself in the projection room doing Greek" - have asked Raoul Mortley to chase this one up, but anyone else got any leads...?

On teachers, Rob Ferguson contributes the following: "Just for starters: McAndrew and Nancy Deans for French,[and I remember a particularly beautiful young blonde student teacher for French in 2nd year who was given sheer hell by 2A and probably wished she'd never heard of NSBHS - she only just survived the term] McGeorge for Latin, McDonald for English, Taylor for German, Whiteside for PE..."

(Dr) Ron Witton
From David Barling by way of Peter Coppleston:
Try this for Bruce Hodgen
AND! Try this for picture of Bruce Hodgen:

More more!!!

Ron ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Ron et al

Wasn't that georgeous young French teacher Jeanette Spiers? [and I wasn't even in her class!]

Harley Wright,
Jeanette Spiers graced us with her presence as guest-of-honour in 1992 at the Class of 1962 30th reunion at The University & Schools Club, when she and her husband stayed the weekend at the Club. Her memory of us all was remarkable: even though I was never in her class, she knew who I was immediately. She is a very charming lady and it was a pleasure to have her there. Perhaps she may care to come to the 40th reunion for The Class of '62, if anyone knows how to contact her...

John Butterworth

Hi Everyone:

Two teachers that stick in my memory are "Guts" Garnsey and "Mrs" Robson.

Mr Garnsey was a somewhat surly individual who rarely smiled but he managed to achieve terrific results with our maths honoyrs class.

I had Mrs Robson briefly for French (before Nancy Deans). Her main claim to fame, if I remember correctly, is that she subsequently became Lady Kerr when she married our infamous former governor-general. Perhaps one of you can confirm this.

Cheers Leo

Yes Leo Mrs Robson or "Mad Rob" did marry Sir John Kerr.

Marc Thompson

Dear all;

I believe that I could find Jeanette Spies. She married a lawyer,who seems to have retired from practice.I also regularly see John Hinde. However,do we really want a lot of teachers,some of whom would be quite elderly,to be present. It seems to me that we will have enough trouble recognising each other.

David Barnett

Nancy Robson was a brilliant linguist, a simultaneous translator who had worked with the UN before she foolishly exposed herself to the horrors of little boys. I recall our class driving her weeping out the door! That is no doubt why she decided to become Lady Ann Kerr instead and reputedly encourage John Kerr to engineer the coup! Probably thought it was one in the eye for those of us snotty bastards who voted Gough Whitlam in.

Other trivia
David Wyndham, who was observed walking down George St last week with a stride quite unchanged from that with which he led the cadet band in 1961, is obviously alive and well and should be trackable. I will try his brother John who lives in North Sydney.

Pleased to see that Marc Thompson has given Levine a new name and status as James Levine, who probably enjoys life as the chief conductor of the New York Met much more than does our colleague poor David Levine J. as he wrestles with his decision in the Marsden case!

Also pleased to see that Leo Radom, whom I recall as second only to Hansen Yee in brilliance, is mortal and has typos in his emails!