Dear Everybody,
I attach the latest list.

I think it is time for those who have kindly offered to be on the organising committee to begin to earn their keep.
These good souls are: David Barnett; John Friend; Ian Kaplin; Chris Tennant; Barry Silverton Greg James; Wayne Watkins; Bob Watts; Leo Radom; Harley Wright; John Harrison; Mark Thompson; Colin Saltmarsh (NZ Co-ordinator). If anyone wants to join the organising committee, I'm sure they will be welcome. I shall serve on the committee in my present role of continuing to update the list as you other good souls continue to search out those who still are in bold...

So, the next step is one or two of the above to contact me to act as co-ordinators who can then contact the others via e-mail and then perhaps a planning meeting in Sydney??) Can I have any volunteers?

In the meantime, some more reminiscences below.... regards, Ron

1. Keith Wallace writes:

Life story (so far):
Some of you guys may recall that I was learning to fly when I was in 5th year, which Basher Barnett approved of (he flew in WW2). When I left school, I continued on this path, working for a few years to pay for my further instruction up to Commercial Pilot standard.I joined Ansett in April 1966 as a First Officer, and after a few years became a Captain. Over the years I flew DC-3, DC-4, Lockheed Electra, Fokker Friendship, Boeing 737, Boeing 727, Airbus A320, Boeing 747-300, and am for the last 20 years have been a management pilot with various executive roles. I am currently a Check Captain on Boeing 747-400 aircraft, flying regularly to Osaka and Hong Kong. For the last 13 years my management role has seen me having responsibility for the standards of our Flight Simulators. (Big Boy's Toys).

I married a hostie (June) in 1969, and we have 2 children, James 23, who is working in London, and Belinda, 20, who is following in Dad's footsteps, and is a First Officer (pilot) with Impulse Airlines. I must be a person of simple habits, I have worked for the one employer (Ansett) for 35 years, and have been married to the same woman for 32 years. I have had a great life so far, enjoy fishing and travelling. I would love to hear from any of the other worthies who have a story to tell.

2. Tony Friend writes:

"Harley Wright wrote: "Isn't it funny how at school everyone possible was a 'JohnIE', RonNIE etc. Then, post school, most revert to the more decourous 'John', 'Ron', etc." Does this mean we should now refer to Harley as "Harl" ???"

Tony also writes:
"Whatever happened to Warwick Wilson and David Madrers (?). I thought they were in our year, but can't see them on the list. Did I dream these names? It seems so long ago."

Richard Horsefield writes:

"Family: Married to Helen for 35 years; three daughters, Wendy, 32, Jennifer, 30 and Karen, 29; two grand daughters, Josie, 4 and Rebecca, 2.
Career: 30 years teaching in Physics at secondary and tertiary level. Went back to uni in 1997 to complete another PG degree in Environmental Studies and subsequently invited by the Head of School to continue as a Visiting Fellow. Now having fun in a third (or fourth) career helping with course develpopment etc in the GSE at Macquarie University."