Ian Powell writes:

"After having a little bit to do with Chris Tennant whilst involved in Capital Works projects for the Department of Health, I was working with Harley Wright for a few years at State Pollution Control Commission. (I learn a lot from him). Left the Public Service two years ago to go back to being a Surveyor/Photogrammetrist working for AAM Surveys. "

Tony Friend writes:

Keith, you have spurred me to action, as I have had a very different story, and can still say "I have had a great life so far, enjoy fishing and travelling."

I have worked for four computer companies, IBM (twice), Itel, Prime (twice, in Aus and USA) and my own (for the last 15 years). It has morphed from a software applications company to a networking company, to a web-based service listing over 3,000 aircraft for sale (www.ASO.com), and has the distinction of being a pure dot com that is consistently profitable. Somewhere in between, I started and sold a Yacht Brokerage business. I travelled 55,000Km through Africa and Europe by car in 1972/73, and spent 6 months in Austria, living in a restaurant on a ski slope.

I have been married twice, first to a tall blond Dutch girl and now to a beautiful black girl from Barbados. I left Sydney on the day we won the America's Cup in 1983, and have lived since then in San Rafael (25Km North of San Francisco), travelling frequently to Sydney and Barbados, and to Port Douglas.

A health problem stopped me skiing and competitively sailing in 1988, and I now enjoy fishing for salmon, which we get around San Francisco, as well as any other large fish I can find." Greg James has offered his Supreme Court Chambers as a meeting place for the organising committee...