Dear Everyone,
I have saved the attached gems from the 1961 edition of The Falcon in both word and rich file text...
Happy reading....!
I have not received any more new contact details of fellow 1961'ers in about a week or so. This means, unless anyone has any bright ideas, that we have found about 132 of us (of which about 123 are e-mail contactable) and the following 56 bretheren lost (forever???):

Amiss, Richard;

Bennett, Donald;

Blyton, Robert;

Campbell, Graham;

Carter, William;

Cheung, Matthias;

Corlett, Ronald;

Diamond, Philip;

Davidson. Kim;

Fisher, Peter;

Fletcher, Tony;

Ford, Timothy;

Foster, John;

Gain, David;

Gerard, Bruce;

Gow, Barry;

Green, Timothy;

Hall, Donald;

Holmes, John;

Hohnen, Paul;

Humphreys, Max;

Jack, Peter;

Jackson, John;

Johnson, Alan;

Kenniwell, John;

Kerr John;

Kitamura, Phil;

Lea, Edward;

Leslie, Richard;

Marris, Peter;

Matthews, Ronald;

McKenzie, Philip;

Mead, David;

Miller, Richard;

Moffatt, Jack (!!!!!!!!);

Monro, Ian;

Moors, Russell;

Morgan, James;

Morrison, Peter;

Muir, Nigel;

Pettigrew, Ian;

Pierce, Brian;

Potter, Quentin;

Pratt, Alan;

Pritchard, John;

Rayner, Robert;

Robertson, Ian;

Rudd, Bruce;

Sams, Trevor;

Sutherland, David;

Watts, Rodney;

Wilkins, Christopher;

Wills, Roger;

Woodburn, Michael;

Woodcock, Peter;

Wynter, A.P.

Any last minute ideas on ways to find any of the above....?