Colin Saltmarsh writes:

When Ron began his substantial commitment to gathering everyone I volunteered to help in any way that I could but noted that I would not be offended by being put on the not required list. Having moved from NSBHS at the end of 3A , I might not even qualify to turn up at a reunion !! Living in Auckland it would be difficult for me to attend meetings called at short notice, or possibly one perhaps postponed due to unforeseen event. Nevertheless, I am able to visit Sydney reasonably easily and comfortably and would happily do so on two or three occasions.
I may perhaps know a little more about organizing catering and events than some ... including in Sydney .... but not as much as some others, quite possibly. I still remember how to speak Australian so do let me know about anything which would help without my necessarily being on the committee.
Being reminded of beginnings in OZ ..... there was a Saltmarsh in the First Fleet to Botany Bay:
William .. aged 17 .... he was given 7 years for Armed Robbery having stolen some handkerchiefs from two ladies who ran a drapery, apparently .....This has given rise to a couple of observations by others over here:
" There obviously hasn't been a lot of improvement in the family since ! "
" Your family has been in the textiles business for some time then, Colin .... "
So gentlemen, be warned: doubtful ancestry .... NZ citizenship .... distance .... all things to be considered!
Include me, or not, as you wish
Kind Regards,"

Graham Balfe writes:

"Mike Woodburn went teaching up the north coast after uni. Perhaps someone in the education department can check if he is still 'in the game'."

Keith Simpson-Lyttle writes:

"As the old brain cells tick over I seem to remember Bruce Rudd working for either the Commonwealth bank or its successor the PNG Banking corporation in Port Moresby in the 70s. Russell Moors kept up with him all through the 70s so if I can contact the family (as Russell is no longer with us) I may gain some further lead."

Wayne Ryan writes:

Bruce, I particularly enjoyed your report in the Falcon. Personally, I could never see the attraction of the ISCF although I will admit to attending some of the lunchtime SCM lectures at university by such luminaries as Charles Birch. But after all these years it all becomes clear - joint excursions with NSBGHS! And it was good to see Bob Connell making an early start as a rebel."

Dave Butlin, Geoff's very kind and energetic (on our behalf) son, writes: "I may have a lead on the following names, sent messages to them enquiring if they were at nsbh, so lets cross our fingers: Carter, William; Jackson, John; Johnson, Alan; Pritchard, John; Robertson, Ian"

Any more ideas on finding our lost bretheren?

Harley Wright and Greg James are kindly lining up the inaugural meeting of the OC (Organising Committee) "probably at a home in the lower N Shore". Any more interested in being on what will probably be a dedicated (but riotous mob) ???