Tim Ford writes:

Hi Ron,
Richard Amis is correct. I am in New York as the Military Adviser in the UN Department of Peace Keeping Operations. I 've been here 6 months having previously completed two years as the Head of Peacekeping Mission in the Middle East- all on secondment from the Australian Defence Force where I spent the other 36 years since leaving NSBHS in 1962. Looking forward to hearing more about " old falconians". Meanwhile I have 15 Missions around the world including UNTAET in East Timor to keep me on my toes."

Rod Wise writes:

here are a couple of more addresses for you if you haven't got them yet. Rick Leslie, 12 Dudley avenue, Roseville, (tel) 9416.1130 Tony Fletcher, 4/157 Victoria road, west pennant hills, (tel) 9875.2922 These are two of the lost souls I remember from 1991. You may recall that when all was accounted for after the 1991 function, about 20 were still missing in action. being a methodical fellow I set about finding them, and through one means or another i tracked them all down with the exception of pettigrew. It was my intention to make a magnificent gesture by handing over this priceless material to our committee. but, unfortunately on 27th march 1992 fate stepped in in the form of a rather determined chappie who stepped out from behind a brick wall one night in glebe and gave me one mighty blow on the back of the head with an iron bar. you may be relieved to know that i had the presence of mind (such as it was at the time) to cling to my brief case as i hit the footpath at lightning speed. i still have the handle as a medal of honour for my bravery under fire and a few addresses that i didn't forgot (see above); my assailant, however, has the list of addresses. he may turn up at our 2001 function. and we may be so lucky! i have often wondered whether my assailant was in fact was jack moffett or charlie troutman or ray whitehouse or Yak hensley, as i cannot think of anyone else who might want them.

Incidentally, if anyone is so game as to look up hartley hansford, he is now archdeacon Hansford, St John the evangelist church, Bega. i make a point of not going to bega on sundays."

Can anyone get their e-mails???

Martin Coles writes: Thanks for all the news.

"The only class of '61 members I have met since leaving school were Bill Goff (through the ABC) and Johnny Jackson. Johnny introduced me to gliding at Camden (I think with Southern Cross Gliding Club) in my last year or shortly after. I was most impressed but did not take up the sport until in W.A. some years after. I have tried the Gliding Federation of Australia but he has not been a registered glider pilot for many years. They suggest contacting Southern Cross who may still have an addess on file.

When I last saw Johnny while I was still in Sydney, (over 25 years ago) he was driving a taxi. Would a search of Taxi Driver records or their association be useful?"

Rodney Wise fears the follwoiing was not circulated. I thought it had been, but it's worth a second run if not..:

"I recently had to help one of my four sons with one of his Year Three homework assignments. He was asked to invent something which would make a drumming noise when vibrating against a wooden desk. I immediately had the answer, calling on my rich experience from NSBHS, class 1C in particular, where "Captain Cook's Boatshed" was uniquely suitable for manufacturing reverberations. I carefully reconstructed the Harkness 1957 Model Number One Farting Machine, consisting of a piece of wire bent into a U-shape, with an elastic band at each tip of the "U" joining a tap washer in the middle. The tap washer was then twisted to the point of asphixiation and then released (under a raised youthful buttock, as I recall) and the rest, as they say, was a rather noisy history. My son was marked well for his ingenuity, but the real credit goes to 1C and all those dreary teachers who drove us into flights of bored creativity. To John Harkness, if memory serves me correctly, congratulations - accept a Nobel Prize for Physics. If someone else was the inventor, bugger off and put your complaint in writing to the Patents Office!"

A propos of even me not being able to remember what has been circulated, Tony Friend writes:

"You are doing a great job of keeping "the bretheren" alive. Thanks. I really enjoy receiving the bits of news. Could I make a suggestion? Create a web site for the whole collection of information. That way, all relevant info either from or about that person (pupil or teacher} could be collected at that person's page, and pointed to from other related places on the site. This would create some consistency and cohesion in the presentation, so we wouldn't think things like "which email was that bit about Dick Amiss in?" "Have I seen this bit from Harley Wright before?" You get the idea.

When I checked, NorthSydneyBoys.com was available. I nearly registered it, but thought it may be presumptuous. I would normally offer to design, build and maintain the site, however our main web guy is going to France for a month, and tells me he is heavily booked when he returns. If you think it's a good idea, and can find someone else to set up and maintain, that would be great. Perhaps someone who has retired, but understands systems and HTML, could do it. If you like the idea and can't find someone to do it, let me know and I'll see if we can spring the resources. It need not be fancy, just effective. Just a thought. Best regards, and keep up the great work."

Any takers? I certainly could not create a web page to save myself...