Dave Bulin, Geoff's son, writes:

"In response to monty's question about the purple power, it is called touch powder, and made from iodine crystals and ammonia, if he's really interested i'll get the exact details on how to make it. Let's just say things never change, however the class of '99 never did anything quite so dramatic, because the stuff is prett"y nasty to make(the fumes will burn the throat and lungs).

Harley Wright writes (or Harley Write wrights):

"Blake asks about the purple powder which exploded on contact. Ho Hum, I felt I might have to explain a few of the pyrotechnics. So this will do for starters - though I will return in a later email to Wayne Ryan's earlier comments about the smoke bomb in the wall of the hall during assembly in the main quad. The powder is called touch powder or fairy powder. It is nitrogen triiodide. Don't ask me the formula - I used to be a chemist! It is very simply made by putting solid iodine crystals into '880' ammonia (ie, the strongest solution normally available of ammonia in a laboratory. I suspect strong household 'cloudy' ammonia may work). Then simply filter off the resultant blackish powder and let it dry. Use with extreme care! Probably best left a little damp so it doesn't blow up. When left in the open, eg, teachers desk, it dries out and makes a large crackling noise as little bits of it are detonated by contact.

I remember making about 1/3 of a matchbox full at home (this is A LOT) and bringing it to school, in said matchbox, having left it out overnight (in winter) beforehand to dry. I gingerly put the matchbox in a soft plastic pencil case and carried same in my coat pocket. At school I told someone (perhaps Neville Mickey?) what I had, and disbelieving me, said 'bullshit', and tapped my chest. BANG! with big purple cloud of Iodine Vapour. Much shock all round. I was just OK, but my no-longer-doubting assailant felt as though he had broken his hand. My jumper had a big brown iodine stain on it. So, said assailant (now feeling rather guilty and as stupid as I did) bought a can of 'hypo' from the chemist, washed the iodine out of my jumper with it, and kindly dried my jumper under the arc lights on the stage. I went home with a clean, dry jumper. All's well that ends well. That was probably my closest shave with explosives - though not the only experience. "

John Harkness writes:

"The flow of memories , some uplifting, some scurrilous ,have been fascinating. I suppose denials are pointless but I don't recall the Farting Machine among all the other mayhem. Kim Davidson can be found at mailto:kim.davidson@strategicorp.com He now lives in Stamford USA."

Tony Tausig writes:

"I believe that Peter Woodcock is/was some sort of heavy in a (some say) questionable healthcare organisation called Blue Cross. Maybe some Sherlockholmesian figure can follow that lead up."

Anyone know any more/or can chase this up?

As you may know, the Organising Committee (OC) is meeting this Monday and hopefully someone(s) will be designated to chase up the last missing bretheren. As at this stage, these are the ones still missing or whom we don't know the e-mail of... Any further info greatfully received: Ball, John: Dentist PO Box 404 HORNSBY NSW 1630; 02-9987-4477 and (h) 9987-4477 [no email?]

Bennett, Donald: Toyota Systems Analyst 5 Goldie Ave. Bondi Junction 2022; 02-9710-3397

Blyton, Robert:

Campbell, Graham

Carter, William: OTC Communications Executive 39 Burdett St. Hornsby 2077; 02-9287-5310

Cheung, Matthias: Australia

Corlett, Ronald G: Australia

Diamond, Philip H: High School Deputy Principal 07-2524787

Fletcher, Tony 4/157 Victoria road, west pennant hills, (tel) 9875.2922 [e-mail????]

Foster, John C: Australia

Gain, David: Rhodes University Professor South Africa [27] 46126135 ; 15 Constitution Ave, Grahamstown, 6140, South Africa (e-mail???)

Gow, Barry R: Computing 02-9487-3217

Green, Timothy (Engineer/Construction); 25 Cambridge Pde, PO Box 197 Manly QLD 4178 Phone: 07 3893 1511 (e-mail?)

Hall, Donald: Institute of Astronomy United States [1] 808-956-8312

Archdeacon Hartley Hansford, St John the Evangelist Church, Bega [e-mail????]

Holmes, John D. E:

Hohnen, Paul

Jack, Peter R: Australia

Jackson, John L: Australia

Johnson, Alan N: Australia

Kerr John, D:

Kitamura, Phil

Lea, Edward G: Australia

Leslie, Richard/Rick: 12 Dudley avenue, Roseville, (tel) 9416.1130 [e-mail????]

Marris, Peter

Matthews, Ronald L: Australia

McKenzie, Philip E: Australia [61] 2050237457

Mead, David M: Australia

Miller, Richard A: 02-9451-0585 (From Michael Vowels: runs a pharmacy in Norton Street, Leichhardt?)

Moffatt, Jack

Monro, Ian J: Australia

Morgan, James M: 02-6766-5461

Morrison, Peter G: Australia

Muir, Nigel: British Petroleum UK P. R. Director United Kingdom

Pettigrew, Ian G: Australia

Pierce, Brian C: 02-9905-4800

Potter, Quentin C: 02-6942-3001

Pratt, Alan: Department of Education Cluster Director 3 Templeton Cr. Balgowlah 2153 e-mail?)

Pritchard, John W: Australia

Rayner, Robert: Canada

Robertson, Ian J: Teacher Australia 06-9295-0151

Sams, Trevor: Biz Ed 4 Swift Pl. Ingleburn 2565 02-9282-6915

Sutherland, David R: Australia

Watts, Rodney C: mining consultant.1045 Jarrah Road, Mundaring, WA 6073; Phone: 089-295-2946 {e-mail?]

Wilkins, Christopher S: 07-3766524

Wills, Roger

Woodburn, Michael A: Australia

Woodcock, Peter T: Australia (some sort of heavy in healthcare organisation called Blue Cross????)

Wynter, A.P.:

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