Kim Davidson writes:

"G'Day and other salutations,
I am astonished that so many of you lads are still in the food chain.So that I dont go completely crazy, tell me exactly what is happening. I cannot find any specifics ,but the references to an "organizing comittee" have piqued my interest. Is there a re- union about to occur? As Jack Harkness has indicated I am based out of the US but am a frequent visitor to Oz (about 5 -7 times a year ) and have lots of business in Asia Pacific and could probably /comfortably schedule to be at the event, I have seldom crossed paths with most of the above(they dont allow visitors in Sing Sing) But did catch up with Chris Gibson (on the phone )who was at the time editor of Penthouse.You could sit him next to ArchDeacon Hartley Hansford at the re union(if that is what is being organiz/sed.) I have caught up with Jack and met Neil Lowndes in an airport some years ago(Blue Circle cement??CFO). Peter Woodcock-- I will attempt to contact him if the Blue Cross you refer to is stateside. Does the list only include 'uncontactables' ? ie you have the rest already? What is the event? I would enjoy knowing the criteria (besides breathing in and out) Is it a class reunion, year reunion etc?

cheers for now.My most used email address is phone contact in Oz is 03) 9455-2211 (private 02)9417-0131 and I will respond. USA number is 203)329-1560 direct line..Home is 203) 329-1554

Kim Davidson classes of 1959/1960/1961 (kidding)"

AND THEN Kim Davidson wrote:

"I should read my email in the order I receive it .I am now clear that it is a class reunion and that you are in the process of organizing same. I'm in!! Let me know if there is anything I can do to assist. I would prefer some time in July if at all possible.I think the idea of a dinner on say a Friday followed by some kind of lunch(Mosman Rowers?) on Saturday sounds good as I am sure there will be a number of us that come a long way and would like to have a bit more than a dinner to catch up, cheers" I believe the OC is going to circulate a questionnaire on ideas/preferences for the reunion....

John Butterworth writes:

"Keep it up you guys !! Some of these reminiscences are hilarious, and oft bringing much levity to my day!! One of these days soon I'll get inspired to send out some reminiscing on the e-waves too... But I'm mostly too busy[Do I hear bored groans?] [And thanks to Tony Taussig for 'finding' and connecting me with all this]"

Alan Buckley writes:

I have what I believe is the correct e-mail address for Don Hall (in Hawaii). I have e-mailed him asking whether he wants to be on your e-mail list, but he has yet to get back to me. If he does respond, and he does want to be on your list, I shall let you know."

Blake Britton writes:

Monty has a small excuse for not remembering his 2E culture.. he arrived in the classroom a few days after everyone else..a Pancho Gonzales poking out of his sports bag.. wearing a much smarter school suit than most of us although we probably had the Stamina cards to boast.. anyone still have a set? Monty had a seat up the front of the classroom that had been left vacant..and could have arrived after the start of an English period. The teacher was no "Lamington".. he was reputed to be an ex boxing champion.. and had great classroom control. When reading our first Shakepeare in class..'The Merchant of Venice', he took remarkable pleasure in selecting pupils he thought most suited to the parts.

The Modern languages department must have decided that the Latin retrogrades needed the benefit of two french teachers. The "second" teacher had a masters degree from Edinburgh and as well as his French/Border country accent, he demonstrated insignificant classroom control. Our classroom was the closest to the Deputy's office and it was a regular consequence of our Friday afternoon riot in the french period ( second after lunch) that the squat fearsome spectre of the cane wielder would beckon through the window from the gloom of the cloisters, without sound or sign of emotion, to some overzealous and visible rioter, who would then depart for some pain. The riots took various forms but the common theme was a growing crescendo of chanting. The teachers's name with an appropriate North country accent was not unlike the sound that pigs make and when the whole class joined as a choir, there was little room for French. The ornate wrought iron sides of wrecked desks banging on the floor certainly added authority to the din. The return of the captured offender with pink and smarting hands held under the armpits was always a dampener for continued enthusiasm. The teacher only stayed at the school for 1958.

If you "urged" in a tuck shop queue, you were made very aware that you had. If Marge had the roller door up from the counter and the appetite stimulating smells of cream buns and hot pies were wafting down the line, any antisocial behaviour akin to lane hopping was just not acceptable. Queues were not unuseful anyway. They were places to swat up for vocab tests or practise "walking the dog" or to surreptitiously water pistol collars from behind. No apologies for finding time in a busy week for this sort of reminiscing..afterall it only applies every 40 years."

Peter Keith writes:

"I hope you (Hartley Hansford;(02) 6492 5555; ) enjoy your move from St John's Bega to the Police Academy in Canberra next month..."