Tony Friend writes:

"Alan Buckley wrote: " I have what I believe is the correct e-mail address for Don Hall (in Hawaii). I have e-mailed him asking whether he wants to be on your e-mail list, but he has yet to get back to me. If he does respond, and he does want to be on your list, I shall let you know." I went looking for Don Hall also. I found a reference on the web that indicated he left Hawaii in 1997. I also called an astronomy lab in Arizona, and I found he had worked with them, but they now don't have any record of him being with them. I sent an email to his email in Hawaii. It didn't bounce, but I got no reply, so I gave up. I would think with more sleuthing he could be found, as I'm sure he is still in Astronomy. He is Dr. Don Hall."

Chris Tennant (who for those who don't know, is a professor of Psychiatry) writes:

"The Organising committee has delegated to me to the almost impossible task of tracking down Jack Moffett In order to improve the success rate, in this crucial venture. I feel we need to have the whole of the years membership assisting in this task. In this regard therefore I think it is worthwhile to offer a prize to the person who tracks Jack down. The following prizes are on offer (provided by me):
* 10 sessions of stress management with Prozac augmentation, or
* 10 sessions of marital therapy (or divorce therapy as the need arises), or
* a comprehensive dementia screening assessment or
* 1 year's supply of Viagra (6-10 tablets at this stage of life, would probably suffice)
The prizes are of course as you can see quite "age appropriate".
Should anyone contact Jack, please ring me urgently to claim the prize."