War Cry

My recollection is not the 1921 version but the following

Oompah, oompah, yakka yakka oompah,
Bloo-a-murra, bloo-a-murra,
Ego yah, ego-yah
anthro popigi, oonana annagi,
Nagasaki, Yokohama, yah, yah, yah.
Ego may, mihi may
What do you think we are going to say
Ho ho ho ha ha ha
North Sydney High School rah rah rah

I remember it well because my older brother Ian Donald, now an accomplished country lawyer but then affectionately nicknamed Slob!, played in the 1959 First XV and insisted I shout the loudest as his face was regularly driven into the concrete surface that was then North Sydney Oval.

Any variations??

Bruce Donald