Kim Davidson writes:

"By the time the event is held the Aussie dollar will probably be at 10 cents US. My how things have changed.( during my first trip to the US in the 60's it was at $1.49 usd to the Aussie dollar.) I guess the Bio submissions will reveal much (including my own spelling and syntax deficiencies) in the lead up to the Reunion. You have really done well, to track down the lads . In a more serious state(for me) I started to reflect on Just how long it has been and how much has happened.

It is astonishing to reflect on the country we were then and apparently have become. Some things for the worse( a fish and chip dinner now costs more than my first car ) with others for the better.(like Rugby union luring away Leaguies with big money and my AUD denominated alimony is getting cheaper in USD by the day) I was amused (oh boy will this stir up a controversy) to find that there is a suggestion that Bradman will replace the platypus on the 20 cent piece. While I am a great a fan of the Don I think that there are better ways to "enshrine one" than to stick them on a "swye"(sic) Why not on the 100 $ along with the other No Names. Next thing we will have the ubiquitous meat pie on the 10 cent piece. ( NB I woke up last night, in a cold sweat thinking about cream buns-- a scary bi- product no doubt, of the Old Falconian email of late) Or possibly in years to come a rendering of Hopoate (the founder of the MASH field proctology school) on the $10,000 dollar coin.(or some kind of Banana Republic denomination) .I think I will even have my desert boots( the wearing of which were a capital offence at NSBHS in 1957) bronzed. Where will it end?

The Whole idea of having a cricketeer (and a damn fine one) replacing a worm eating nocturnal , amphibian , on currency that will spend much of its time in the coin shutes of machinery at the Rooty Hill RSL 's of the world is ,well, plain undignified etc and quite disconcerting., I am sure many of you yearn for the nostalgic days when you could almost capsize(by rocking side to side) the school tram from St Leonards Station as it made its last run down Falcon St, with no sand in its brake reservoirs. Or when you could collect chokoes on the back fence of a row of houses and then sell them door to door to the same houses , Why " isnt that cute " was the resoponse from the madams of the house as they interupted their busy schedules of stirring the blue bag in the copper with an almost worn though stick.\

I believe I had beter leave off now ,as the smell of the white -out I am applying to my screen is obviously making me melancholy and a tad giddy. In closing it is "quite a trip" to contemplate attendance at the 40th reunion and I trust my occaisionally unbalanced ,wicked, reality based humour is not confused with anything other than the spirit of the event . As I previously indicated , my confusion started at an early age when I had to grasp the concept that the word BIG had 3 letters and the word LITTLE had 6 letters.

It was never satisfactorily explained to me at NSBHS, by either that great 'Latinian' Banjo Patterson ,or by the cunning liguist Misty McDonald.( Banjo never quite recovered after that vicious person in 2E pinned a half dead Funnel web in his desk drawer, and as for Misty , well 'nuff said,) Go Figure as they say in North America."

Chris Gibson writes:

"I think that Rod (Wise) is wrong. What obviously happened to Jack Moffatt is that he took on the persona of Kim Davidson and has spent most of the last four decades swashbuckling his way through S.E. Asia."

Bruce Donald writes:

"Re Jack Moffatt,
This astounding news will be greeted with astonishment in the Donald households on three continents where reside those raised on tales of his whimsical bravado. As the person who kicked off the great Jack Moffatt saga of 2001, I am mightily impressed by the claim that Chris's viagra/prozac prize is to belong to Rod Wise. I guess journalists have the best track record over the last 40 years of OZ in tracking down the important stuff. Given what's run in our boys own 'chatroom' about this bloke , we'd better be careful not to scare him off because he has to be a shoe in to move the toast at the reunion to the Republic of Australia and all the futurue anarchists who aspire to sail in her"

Rob Ferguson writes:

"I called in to the Cambria Bookshop at Blackheath to see if the NSBHS History was still there.The answer was no. It sold as soon as the news hit the web. They were amazed at the sudden interest and overwhelmed by the number of enquiries. I am sorry now I didn't buy it for $30 then auction it off to the highest bidder. Is there a potential market for old NSBHS memorabilia? What is the going price of a 12 inch, Class 1C vintage, gozz-ball flicking ruler?"

Blake Britton wrote a while ago as follows when giving the reference to the school history:

"History of North Sydney High School (1912-1962)" by H.M. Storey. On joining the Old Falconians Union some years ago this publication, as well as the sequel; "Twenty-Five Years On. A History of North Sydney Boys' High School. 1962-1987" by N.J. Manefield. were available to buy. It may be that some memorabilia is still available from this source and could be of interest to our class of 61."
Chris Tennant's bio has arrived: Dear Ron

Herewith my bio

Professional life I entered Faculty of Medicine Sydney Uni 1962. As a medical student I was on the SRC for a number of years and lead an NUAUS student group to China during the cultural revolution, returning a fully fledged red guard, complete with uniform. The red guard uniform may have saved my life. I was "conscripted" (and have detested the Liberal party every since). I managed to fail my conscription medical by wearing my red guard uniform to the medical examination.

The Army doctor I fear thought I was a fruit loop. I graduated from university in 1968 and while doing country medical rotations was "fortunate" enough to work part-time for the Army doing conscription medicals.Not surprising very few of the examinees managed to be fit enough to meet the Army's "very high standard" of health requirements (doesn't the wheel turn). I had no idea what to do really post graduation so as a "filler" I did a Masters degree in Public Health at Harvard university. Following this I was still relatively clueless and moved to London in the still swinging 70's and completed psychiatry training there to pass the time. I returned to the University of New South Wales still not knowing what to do with my life, so enrolled in an MD and completed that in the area of stress and illness.

Still not knowing what to do with my life, I became an academic at Sydney University and have progressed to now being a professor of Psychiatry. My clinical interests are in the area of depression and marital therapy and research has focused on the links between stress and illness, in particular heart disease, cancer, and psychiatric disorders. I have been extensively involved with the National Heath Medical Research Council and the College of Psychiatrists. In the latter I have been on the examinations committee, the "Manpower" committee and most recently the Ethics committee (doctors having sex with patients is a matter of some interest at the moment!). Within the Faculty of Medicine I chaired the Student Welfare committee (the students mental health) and also the Personal and Professional Practice committee (which is essentially the teaching of medical ethics).

Personal life I married Beth in mid 70's and had two lovely children, Laura currently doing the HSC and Andrew doing law at Macquarie Uni. My family was devastated by my wife's rapid death from breast cancer in 1992. After a year of misery, life and eventually love returned; through friends I met Katherine, herself a widower with 2 boys. She is a magazine editor for ACP. With the usual hiccups, the merged family works remarkably well. I currently live in Greenwich, the suburb in which I grew up and indeed 3 doors from my original family home. (Freud is alive and well).

I remain a probationary Prozac prescriber, and valiant vasectomized Viagra virgin. (The alliteration will hopefully provoke David Levine into a minor frenzy)."

Keep them bios rolling in....