Rod Wise writes:

"Well, chaps, you can lay off journos for a couple of days. Jack Moffett(note spelling - yeah, I know, pedantic reptiles) has been exhumed from his suburban plot. And is alive! And has been spoken to! And has been informed of the forthcoming reunion function! But as to his health? Well, he was mildly overawed by the massive attention of hundreds if not thousands to his personal movements over the past forty years; so, with that in mind I thought it advisable to shield him from the indelicate suggestion emanating from North America - well, what would you expect of the same people who gave us the Rev Jim Bakker and Tammy Fay Bakker - that he be seated beside the venerable archdeacon from Bega. Perhaps one of the medicos among us might be invited to give a full assessment of his health and stamina before he is so informed. On medical matters, I informed the long-suffering yet volatile Ginny, who shares my cot, that I had just won a year's supply of viagra for finding Moffett. She immediately retired with her first migraine in our 12 years of association - I earnestly believe it may be a hereditary condition, as her mother suffered grieviously from them. Would it be possible, then, to make my prize the prozac instead?

Now the details:
Jack Moffett,
193 Prince Alfred Pde,
Newport NSW 2106
Tel: 9918.2949

And now for the big one: pettigrew:

Ian Pettigrew continues to prove a most elusive character. Research reveals that his parents sold their edmund street, Chatswood residence at the end of 1961, probably after the leaving certificate. i remember that back in 1991 neither he nor his parents were enrolled in any state of the commonwealth, and while i have so far only looked at NSW enrolments in the 1990s, i suspect this is still the case. I am not as yet sure how far back the CEO kept State-wide enrolment records on microfiche, but i suspect not as far back as 1961. So, the critical period when his family (a) left NSW and/or (b) left australia may be shrouded in mystery.

Therefore to find him will need some additional info of a more empirical nature. As it happens i have an ex-relative living in Edmund street who is going to ask any oldtime residents if they can remember where the Pettigrews moved to; but as we are talking about events of 40 years ago, i am not that confident of success.

However, as he moved immediately after the LC more than likely he would have mentioned to someone at NSBHS where he were going, especially, say, if his father had taken a job overseas. So the best way to track him down would be for anyone who has any information to drop it into the rwitton email box and let's take it from there.

For starters, i seem to remember that he came to NSBHS from newcastle in 1959. can anyone confirm that? There are quite a few pettigrews in newcastle, including, as it happens, an ian pettigrew (ours was ian G.) and it is possible that some of them might be rellies. The sorts of things which might be helpful would be: any info on what course/ institutions he was intending to go to after the LC; the names of any brothers or sisters; any clubs or organisations he was active in; But most importantly, any sightings or hearings of him since 1961. Why I am doing this i don't know - I'm still wake at 2.30 am rankling over him putting us in for setting fire to the tennis shed. We were just having a bit of fun, your honour, honest, he said, tugging furiously at the old school tie. I'm sure mac and george and thommo will also demand an explanation for this uncomradely comprador behaviour on behalf of hard-faced teaching staff enforcers. Good hunting, comrades!"