Marc Thompson writes:

"In searching the Net today I found the NSBHS website at: It looks like a school project from last year and the spelling is inventive but it does have some photos and other information."

Rod Watts writes:

Ron, What a great surprise to see your name pop up on the computer screen, one of the best things to come up in many a year.

I hope that this finds you well and enjoying life. As youv'e no doubt noticed from my note to Marc I live in WA with wife (of 21 years) and two sons, one is at University of W.A. doing 2nd year engineering the other is in year 11 at Helena College and wanting to go to UWA without doing the work to go with it ( a trait that he has unfortunately inherited from his father ).

I am in the mining indusrty and have been since leaving Sydney at the age of 19, despite my early academic failures I managed to gain a diploma in metallurgy and become a fellow member of my professional institute. I am currently project manager for a NZ operation, the company corporate offices are in Perth because that's where the chairman lives ! In between all that I have sailed in the America's Cup (1974) and done Sydney-Hobart yacht races etc.

There you are, my life in a few paragraphs. I was in Sydney last week and spoke to my father who mentioned that Tony Friend was chasing me for a possible reunion later this year. Regretably Dad did not get Tony's email down correctly so I've been trying all manner of connotations to reply to him. In desparation I searched the web for someting related to NSBHS and up came the alumni address.

I would appreciate any information on a possible reunion and would try to fit in one of my all too frequent trips to NZ to coincide with the reunion. All the very best Ron, I look forward to catching up later.
Kind regards"

Brian hendy writes:

I have been particularly pleased to read and digest the memories and some rambles of my old "falconians" - I haven't seen that term used yet (I believe) but going on the recent knock- down e-mails I may be proven wrong.

Lets stand back and see what we have all achieved. Congratulations to those that have found missing members and thanks for the observations of my fellow students, some of which bring back a memory but many are personal or restricted to the more adventurous.

I for one, was probably very conservative (not now) and ranked in exams in the "top" 90-120. However I (others) did try own hardest in areas like House rugby and the Cadets. Many of those who have contributed so far have not indicated that their successes have a base in their learning at NSBH and also have expressed few of the bonding/character qualities that took many of us to greater levels after NSBH.

I'm looking forward to the reunion, especially to meeting some of the people who have always been close to me in life but remote because I haven't followed through to find out what they are doing now.

Life after the NSBH has treated me kindly. A high-light was being Rod Wise's best man.

I achieved a bachelor of Commerce (Economics) from NSW and a Programming diploma from The Govt (PIT). Later I challenged the Dept of Trade in developing policies to expand trade in South America, Carribean, Canada and the United States. I then moved back into computers working for Transport, Aviation and ATO. The move to Tax was unexpected and resulted in my heading a team to develop a tender to take the ATO into the future (this was 1989) - five years of my life and the ATO had their 650 M solution. Later I was seconded to Parliament and finalised an enquiry into the Defence supply system that had been festering for 20 years. Life after that was equally exciting as I moved to a business analytical position to simplify record keeping for small business. I actually achieved a lot but retired before the GST (lets get rid of the GST).

Now happily living on the Sunshine Coast at Coolum Beach, looking out over the Hyatt Regency and counting my blessings."

David Levine writes:

Well yes I do and I am..the biggest judgment in the biggest case in the whole wide woild. Thus I have not been attending the busyness of my email recently.
From time to time I have noted a familiar name: Greg James - probably the Judicial Officer who works in the building. Rod Wise, Grub St wallah I believe, who being with Fairfax probably doesn't like the PM, what's-his-name. A Chris Tennant will have me as a patient in due course I'm sure. But I digress....... I have three questions:
(a) what is Viagra?
(b) has anyone thought of doing something to mark the 40th anniversary of NSBH LC year of 1961?
(c) whatever became of Ron Witton?

Now I really must get back to giving the appearance of justice being done."

And so endeth the lesson... Regards, Ron