Jack Moffett writes:

"Thank you for the list of names, some of those which I do remember after all these years. Only one thing puzzles me and that is if my memory serves me right, I left NSBHS in 1959 so I would not have been there in 1961.
Would it be possible that there was another 'Moffett or Moffatt' after I left?
"I think it must be another Moffett/Moffatt to whom these exploits are being attributed as I seem to remember that I was shy and retiring when I was at school.!


Jack Kenniwell writes:

"may as well join in the fun - i always thought it was rod 'the' wise, now i see he is just a mere mortal like the rest of us- also have been prompted by this outflow of memories and resurrection of names from the past, in particular the lovely ms spies and a contribution from john harkness, to reflect on his schoolboy interest in things numismatic, as evidenced by his grab one day for a couple of ancient coins which were attached to a belt the said ms spies was wearing, and were dangling in front of her crotch at the time, have translated into a career in money matters - if i remember correctly he was also responsible for running his ruler down the zipper at the back of her dress one day causing her to grab her garments in the belief that the zipper had been undone - i trust this particular behaviour has not translated into some other deviant adult behaviour. I guess in a similar vein we saw how Tom Roper moved from raising money through his two-up ring outside the 'portable' to using the same principles in managing the Victorian economy, with basically the same results Also remember an occasion when some poor telegram boy came to the school ( for those of you who are sharing this memories with children, good luck in explaining the idea of a telegram boy to them)and returned to find his bicycle neatly laid out in all it's pieces in the back quad " and

"these observations re: 'pyrotechnics' and 'bombing' reminded me of the thrill of catching the tram of an afternoon to Lane Cove due to the fact that,and i think his name was 'ray whitehouse', said gentleman used to lay explosive materials on the inside running rail on the curve just outside the Longueville Hotel - really rocked and rolled the tram and caused the conductors etc to jump about not to mention any little old ladies also on the tram. Possibly this could be the next big search - finding ray whitehouse - i'm sure he had an accomplice, but for the life of me i cannot think who it was - but i'm sure rod wise will know!

Rod Wise writes:

"A dose of Viagra for Bruce Hodgen for that result. I note the site invites us all to "ask Dr. Pettigrew a question about women's health". Could be fun."

John Butterworth writes:

"In the midst of another busy day, I've just got to tell all you guys how much I'm enjoying all this nostalgia. It's great stuff, and really lightens my day.[I'm printing each one off to savour over lunch, and then taking them home to share with others} And , yes, my 'bit' will come along one of these days [bored groans again]. But first, golf next Tuesday at Pymble - weather and workload permitting!!"

Tony Friend writes (on Morris West's piece on Anne/nancy Robson):

"Perhaps we snotty little boys had some real insight when we called her, some years earlier, "The Duchess". Is it possible that we were smarter than we should have been (although not nearly as smart as we thought we were)"

Monty Fox on Pettigrew's pants:

"This was a classic. I'll apply myself to recalling a similar incident in the main quad involving "the circle" and our mad Economics teacher. He was amazed on seeing me in Ashfield Woolies not long after LC results when I told him I got an A in Ecos. I suspect he thought an inner Western Suburb would not house a North Sydney animal, though few of hailed from other than the North Shore or Northern Suburbs. Unfortunately I have forgotten his name.

We called him something colourful, but I've also lost it in the remaining grey matter. Unlike you (you admitted some time ago they were lost in the box), I have kept all the emails of significance for perhaps putting together a collection. I cried with laughter at Ian P's pants and the follow up by Graham Balfe. You and the boys have a superb recall and expression. I love yuz all."

As ever Ron