The teacher in question was (I seem to remember) one Mr Culverhouse (?) ; I vaguely remember one of us looked up the meaning of "culverhouse" in the dictionary and discovered it originally meant " a pigeon house" or similiar...

I , along with all , await with bated breath the "..shy and somewhat retiring" Jack's confession to being one and the same... And, reminded by the allusion to blowing holes in things, how could any of us ever forget the immortal "Shack" in the SE corner of the eastern quad with its gaping hole in the floor (who dunnit??) and varous other bits missing /hanging I think it was also partly off its footings.

This fondly-remembered structure was , no doubt, what gave rise by landmark decision to The Building Code of Australia and modern Occup. Health & Safety practice...And then there was the woodworking room next door where we learned to make straight pieces of wood crooked.. Ah, nostalgia!

And the derelict metho.(ie methylated spirits) drinkers up around North Sydney Oval No.2 who used to approach us for a light of a morning when we were having a smoke to fortify ourselves. We would stand at arm's length offering the light - not because of the stench of their breath, but because we feared their exhaled breath becoming a human blowtorch... Memories,too, of Latin Honours classes with dark-spectacled Frank Hutchens with our small band (Hugh Storey, Loch Blackett,Raoul Mortley, David Levine J.,Rob Connell etc) where Hugh and Loch occasionally invented new words and inserted them in their translations being read out aloud (I think one was "febrile"?? Storey/Blackett: please correct me)- to see if they could call Frank's academic bluff.. He never did challenge them - but was he really listening anyway...?

That'll do for now..time to go home! May the weather be blue skied for Tues 10th golf at Pymble!
John Butterworth