Everyone will be mightily relieved that Rod Wise can now be confirmed for his gift prescription in light of the following cross examination of the doubting Jack Moffett!;-

Dear Jack,
There are three or four simple questions which will confirm whether you are indeed yourself!!
1. Did you wear rather thick spectacles at school, carry an airways bag and prefer desert boots!.
2. Did you live at that time at West Lindfield/Bradfield.
3. Were you born in the Mother country.
4. Were you in the English class in the prefab in the Eastern Quad in 1958, Class 2C I think it was, teacher Culbertson or some such name and much more importantly,
5. Do you admit to exploding fireworks in a large cardboard box on your desk and demolishing the verandah wall???????????

If not, then you are entirely innocent of being Jack Moffett and regrettably you must be someone else!!
Bruce Donald

Hello Bruce,
Yes to almost all of your questions however as a lawyer you should know that I cannot admit to the explosion even after 40 odd years.(is there a statute of limitations or something?) By the way, with respect to another e-mail that you circulated I unfortunately have not been a wheeler dealer in a bank and fortunately I did not end up in gaol. When I left school I worked in the building industry until the late sixties but then switched to a career in sales. For the last 20 years I have been working for my present company,Nilfisk-Advance, as National Sales Manager. I hope that I will be able to attend the reunion later in the year when we may be able to catch up on some more tales.

From which we can all conclude JACK MOFFETT LIVES! but refuses to own up. Perhaps his inevitable speech on the night as the star turn will remedy this! Presumeably he will read from Arthur Grimble and toss a few coins against the wall before blowing up the joint! OOPS continuing the heinous defamation

Well done Rod

Re Pettigrew, Bruce Hodgen boastingly writes in response to the suggested dose of Viagra for him for finding the good doctor !

Thanks for the offer, but the novelty of the natural process has not worn off yet. Besides, 6-10 viagra would only last 3 months here in Queensland... B


Bruce Donald