Peter Fisher writes:

"I am amazed at the memories of my school colleagues. Can I say that I am not interested in viagra, prozac or womens health. Because I cannot remember "Pettigrew's bomb", Harkness' first lessons in coins I must be in the early stages of either the dreadded CRAFT or Altzeimer's disease. Do any of our medico's have a remedy?
I do recall one bomb, and that was one which went off in the main quad during a school assembly while Goz was giving his sports report. It went off just where Arthur was standing. And did he move? No sir. But I do not recall whether he suffered the same fate as Ian Pettigrew. I also cannot recall whether this bomb went off in 1960 or 1961.
Keep up the good work chaps. Even if I can't remember any of it does bring a good laugh."

Kim Davidson writes:

"Speaking of photos does anyone have a copy of the Falconian Year book from 1960? There will be a large "reward ". (Schooners or Middies or even Bubbly etc) I have all the others .If I could borrow it and get a few pages copied etc I would appreciate it "

Your Organising Committee is cuurrently investigating venue foir ****THE EVENT**** and asks if anyone is a Member or has a good friend who is a Member of the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron? If so could they contact David Barnett urgently at: