Don Bennet writes:

"It has been interesting reading the historical interludes of life at NSBHS. Belonging to the Science / Maths stream as was appropriate for real men of our generation, history wasn't my forte so I dont remember many of the details your correspondents describe - but then I only came to NSBHS in 1960.
I was pleased to see your reference to Nancy Deans my teacher of French (the designated subject through which Science / Maths boys received some culture). She probably wouldn't remember me as I was her only failure in Oral French. Mind you, I haven't used oral French since 1961.
It has been interesting to note the number of 1961 graduates who have made significant achievements in academia and business careers and compare/contrast this with the main feature of NSBHS memories - ie blowing up garbage bins and finding ways to attract Ms Spies' attention. It probably has some deep relevance as one reflects on the state of the world our generation now controls. Those of you who've risen to the top of the Psychology trees may have an explanation.

After school I gained a degree in Maths which was just rewards for Charlie Brown's efforts in teaching me Maths I and II. Mind you my understanding of some of the higher levels of Maths at Uni was on par with my Oral French - I was glad to be let out into the real world with a bit of paper. I taught Maths for a while at Parramatta High (another selective school) and in trying to stay one step ahead of some of the brilliant Maths pupils understood how Charlie Brown must have felt with the likes of Hansen Yee in his class.

After 6 years I diverted into the world of computers and have watched the world of technology progressively whizz past. In a world of Programming, Project Management and Business Analysis I've spent many years planning time expenditure, reviewing business processes and writing up reports and at times of historical reviewing such as now, wonder about the value achieved in such things as the business world changes more quickly than it can be properly analysed. So I've just started on a two-day working week with more mundane, more relevant tasks - seems like a good lifestyle. It allows me time to explore cultural / craft things which Science / Maths students never knew about.

I was saddened to read of the deceased - especially our School Captain - the boy with so much talent."

Lindsay Black writes:

"In the wider net of class of 61, Ian Thomas was with us in first and I think second year. His email address is His address is 8 Bay Street, Greenwich. "

I will contact him. If anyone else knows of others we should contact, please let me know. I have unilaterally changed our class list title to reflect this wider focus and it is now "NSBHS 1957-1961 reunion"