Chris Barrie writes:

"Rick Bayley has been in touch and has sent me some mail about the forthcoming reunion. I am not sure why I went astray.... For the record my details are: Admiral Chris Barrie AC RAN - Chief of the Defence Force Address: 4/130 Shackleton Circuit, Mawson ACT 2607; Email:; Ph: 0262868478

By the way I noticed Timothy R Ford on the list. Is he missing? I have Major General Tim Ford now serving in New York as Head of Dept of Peacekeeping - on attachment to the UN. It could be the same guy although in truth I do not remember him from NSBHS days. We have talked about those days though.
My departure from NSBHS was in Dec 1960 after finishing 4th Year to join the Naval College. Finally Rick sent me some pieces about Arthur Henry. Former Governor of NSW, Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair, has told me that on one occasion as Governor he addressed a community group in the Hunter Valley only to discover Arthur seated in the front row. Afterwards Arthur told the Governor that he had come especially to check up on an old boy of NSBHS."
I have told Chris that Tim Ford is indeed one of ours and his details are on the class list.

Rob Ferguson writes:

"I remember Charlie Troutman well. He came from Chicago and originally introduced himself as Chuck, a name that seemed to cause great merriment to his tormenters, so he quickly learnt to call himself Charlie. It was not only his name and his Chicago accent that brought on the teasing but the poor bloke had a crew cut (rare in Aust in those days) and perpetually cracked lips which gave his face an unfortunate appearance. "Polio lips" was one of the less savoury names he was given.
If I remember correctly he had been a victim of polio and walked with a limp. He was quite an interesting fellow once you got to know him but as a ready-made target for the bullies I think his time in Aust was not the happiest.
We've found a few others - can we find Charlie?"

As you know, we started out with the names of those in Fifth Year in 1961 but the search is now on for anyone who was there with us between 1957 to 1961 (such as Chris Barrie [see above] who left after fourth year]. Therefore, anyone who wishes to extend the search/suggest names are encouraged to do so.

Your organising committee (OC, to the unitiated) have divided up the remianing lost brethren to make a concerted effort to find them. You will be getting a copy of this e-mail and any help you can give in the search will be muchly appreciated. Any ideas/information, can best go directly to the OC member responsible for that particular lost breth, or otherwise to grand co-ordinator Marc Thompson (
Here endeth the lesson, yet again