I will circulate your ideas. By the way, Murray Sime is on the list as
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From: "Tony Friend"
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Sent: Thursday, 19 April 2001 11:04
Subject: Missing Bretheren, and the need for a reference list

> Graham Balfe wrote:
> Subject: Robert Blyton and Graham Campbell
> Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2001 08:35:49 +1000
> From:
> I'm trying to locate Robert Blyton and Graham Campbell and am getting
> nowhere. PLEASE HELP ME.
> Every snippet of info would be appreciated. Did anyone know them at
> uni?
> What did they do at uni? Does anyone know a friend of theirs (not
> necessarily NSBHS) from uni who may have kept up with them? Have they gone
> overseas? What are their second initials? Did they marry each other?
> Ron,
> This is a great example of why we need some sort of master list, so we
> can keep track of who we know about, and what we know about them.
> I'm hoping that our web site will fill the bill.
> For instance, one of our number was Murray Sime, who died about
> a year ago. I don't remember seeing his name anywhere on our lists,
> although I could easily have missed it.
> I think Murray was a friend of Bob Blyton. In fact, I think one of
> them married the other's sister, although I can't remember which did
> what. That would have been a lead on Bob (although it's obviously
> not much use now). I think Warwick Wilson was one of that group,
> but I don't think we have Warwick on our list. John Harkness was
> a part of that group also, if I remember correctly, although he
> may not admit it now.
> As an aside, I think David Madrers was one of us, and I don't
> think he is on any list, either. Isn't it weird that we can't
> get complete lists of enrollees of the school? Doesn't the
> school have to keep records like that? We should be able to get
> a list of enrollees, and check it off against our lists. We'd
> probably identify a whole lot more lost bretheren.
> Cheers
> --
> Tony Friend