Kim Davidson (on David Corson) writes:

What a stiff !!! . I guess if any one would know sophmoric it would be our ex classmate up in the colder climes and halls of education of Toronto .At risk of offending ---Q) does he know the similarity between Cher and Toronto.A) Neither one is F---ing Sunny (sic)

This little reunion banter is very liberating (except for poor old Bobby Blyton,Murray Sime etc)and I guess If one cannot stand it, then one can always delete it, or if absolutely necessary , at least say something else like "my institution hates when I get emails from colleagues from long ago reminding me of my (St Trinians) activities etc" rather than insult the crap( although the insensitive chap probably doesn't know he probably has) out of the rest of us, who we assume were mostly enjoying a little harmless fun and just possibly rekindling a few gleams in our eyes of events long past. Anyhow I guess we didnt miss him these past 40 years and he probably has nothing to report , and apparently wont be attending, so let him be a curmudgeon. I guess my dear old Mum was right "if you cant say something nice dont say anything" except of course when some thoughtless cretin does first . Cheers to all and keep up the good work. I would bet most of you ARE enjoying the Updates from folks that spent 5 (or more) years in the same NSBHS foxhole. In closing I was pleased that y'all found me, Corson was obviously not ! His little email reminds me of a guy in his late fifties, who acts like he is!!!! The Camel."

Rod Watts writes:

"In contrast to another view could I offer you and all other old young boys my strongest support for the wonderfully refreshing reminiscences, I find them an absolute tonic. Far from being in the St.Trinian's mould they bring back factual memories that I sadly had long forgotten. In sharing of these emails my wife and teenage sons are seeing a side of their father that they never knew existed.

Perhaps it is an age thing to retain the desire to read all the past missives, thankfully I have not yet reached that mental age."

Rod Wise (investigative journalist extraordinaire) writes:

"Re THE elephant. Methinks most of 5th year 1961 must be smoking elephant grass. Phil Carnegie, or Carnal as i remember him being called, left the school at the end of 1958 or 1959. he was replaced as deputy by Wilkinson, who, I believe, had no first name or nickname. Just Wilko. No wonder the elephant flipped his lid - It had two first names after all, hansen and tony."

Hartley Hansford writes:

"Please remove my email address from the NSBH correspondance, as we leave here today en route to the Police Academy. Will advise you of my new email later.

For the record, re David Corson, I wrote to him advising I would remove his name. I also pointed out that I thought that some of our discussions, particularly the collective apologies given to Charles Troutman for the bullying culture of NSBH, lifted it above St Trinians... Chacun a son gout... or whatever Nancy oops Anne Robson oops Kerr would have said...