Marc Thompson writes:
"Following the patent Rod Wise method I have found Peter Robert Gordon Jack at 64 Sunrise Blvd, Byron Bay NSW 2481 on ph. (02)6680-8830. He tells me that he has long hair and a pony tale and has gone feral. He said he does not look like a barrister. We had a good 4-5 minute phone conversation. In keeping with having gone feral he does not have e-mail."

Kim Davidson writes:
To Rod Wise esq. and the many others that appear to have actually grown to enjoy the almost daily updates. Rod was much more analytical and less visceral than my hip shot and he is to be congratulated for his fine articulation of Corsons"problem" in a kindly way. Bravo Rod for your insightful assessment, and in particular you recognition that in spite of the times we 'Endured' (although it wasnt until much later that I realized that was probably what it was) the post war years, that we have, in the majority, in the year of our Lord 2001, survived (and apparently in the most part thrived) as individuals in a variety of professional and family circumstances. It is even more intriguing to me now to think forward to the reunion , as the words that are appearing on my email are grafting a new dimension to the previously one dimensional list of names. .Corsons grinch reponse and humourless lack of warmth, only served to remind me of the diversity to which Rod refers and how, despite those butter-rationed, Hallstrom refrigerator, bow and arrow, Keith Walsh TV show, bland and disciplined days there appears to be a very optimistic group of attendees expected for the October event.
The Camel

Monty Fox writes:
I also received Hansen's denial email. Actually he didn't write the last sentence that you ascribed to him: the one about thinking that Tony was one half (as he admits he was) of the elephant. Go back to the original email from Hansen to, I think, Tony, you and me and you'll see I'm right. Your additional text may have come from your fertile brain in a senior moment, or from another email from Hansen that I didn't see.[yes, that is where it came from - Ron] Let's see who owns up to being the forelegs and head. I've already been shown to have faulty recall about Carnegie when it really was Wilkinson."