It has been quiet recently and so there has been no recent e-mails. Now, do I hear a collective sigh of relief..?. On the other hand, I have been getting e-mails from people who are missing their hits of nostalgia and others who are convinced that since there has been no NSBHgrams, their e-mail provider must be on the blink....

Just one this time:

Lindsay Black writes:
"Like most of you, I have become accustomed to my NSBHS memory lane "fix" each morning, so I thought it was about time I added my contribution.

After NSBHS, I went to Sydney Uni, graduated as a Civil Engineer then worked for the Dept Main Roads building roads in the Snowy Mountains. In 1969 I moved to Canada and got a job with a consulting engineer in British Columbia, designing water supply and sewerage systems. I came back to Sydney 3 years later and joined another small consulting practice, again working mainly in the water and sewerage business. I lived in Ulladulla and Sydney then moved to Newcastle in 1980, providing consulting services to the coal industry.

An opportunity to work in Asia came up, and in 1985 I spent a year in Sumatra, planning water and sanitation improvements in a place called Bandar Lampung. That led to other international aid funded work, and over the past 15 years I have spent about 3 years working in various places in Asia and the Pacific.
In the last 3 or 4 years I have worked in places like Mongolia, East Kalimantan, Solomon Islands, India and Sri Lanka. Australia is a real contrast, and I feel really priviledged to live here and to have access to the opportunities offered, including our NSBHS education. In my travels I have had two encounters with other Class of 61's. One evening in the mid 80's in South Sumatra, on the verandah with jungle noises and fireflies outside, drinking Lampung coffee and discussing Indonesian politics with some Indonesian students/academics and Dr Ron Witton. The other was a chance meeting with Dick Gordon in Suva not long after the second Fiji coup. I am still enjoying work with the same firm I joined 28 years ago. It has grown a bit since 1972 and I now spend a lot of my time developing systems and educating our staff about how things should be done.
On the home front, I married Cecily in 1966 and we have three children who we are very proud of, Kieran (geologist) 29, Virginia (marketer) 27 and Cameron (engineering student) 22. We live in Newcastle still, (although I spend a lot of time in Sydney during the week) and I am an unashamed convert to Rugby League and an enthusiastic supporter of the Newcastle team."