John Butterworth writes:

This email suddenly triggered the remembrance of the true translation of the school motto:" Wink at those wot wink at you" (Vincit qui se vincit was the old Italian version...) And ,yes, it has been somewhat quiet on the PC screen recently...maybe time I and others did our biogs...
Kind regards to all
John Butterworth

Rod Wise B, in an e-mail entitled "The Featherless Falcon", writes:

the lines of communication seem to have dried up for weeks
(a) have I been struck off the roll;
(b) are you on holiday/ strike/sabbatical;
(c) are we all on holiday/strike/sabbatical;
(d) has corson struck back with devastating effect.

I must say I was thinking only last night that there must be many who would be wondering at the silence.

Well, it is true that my correspondents have been inactive and hence you have been spared the constant missives of late. However, your Organising Committee has been meeting and there have been fluries of e-mails discussing the selection of the locations and the plans for ***THE EVENT*** which is of course Dinner on Saturday Night 20 Oct and Lunch & Afternoon tea on Sunday 21. Moreover, Tony Friend has been liaising with the class list subcommittee and will quite soon be launching our own webpage!!!! So, stay tuned....