Bruce Donald writes: "Shame on you Ron Isaacs. Don't you know Dennis Bloodnock never rose above the rank of Major? What sort of credentials can you have as a Goon fanatic. The man would never have wanted to rub shoulders with the Colonels of this world.

Bruce Donald
PS You will be delighted to know that my girls in their teens are as addicted to the Goons as we are and when Neddy died they mourned with us until of course they read Secombe's own epitath for himself which was "He suffered fools gadly....because he was one!".

I must admit it was I, not Ron Isaacs, who promoted Bloodknock.... And now, the big news.....

Tony Friend has created for us a webpage that will grow as you send in any scanned materials you might find, as well as your bios, photos, whatever.

Tony writes:

The gallery is kinda a "catch-all" for all sorts of general stuff.... We can put whatever we want there. I'd keep it to stuff that does not pertain to a particular individual. We have some material that we will put in as examples, such as cadet photos , group photos and the revue stuff. Individual photos, bios etc will be put into a personal page for the person concerned, and accessed by clicking on their name in the student list, just as we have done for the three experimental ones. (Me, Lindsay Black and Blake Britton)."

The address is:

The more bios that come in (if possible with pictures...) the more the web page will grow... memorabilia particularly welcome. if you can't scan it in, just mail it to Tony....