Wayne Watkins writes:

"I started NSBHS in 1957 with all you other guys with a relatively low I.Q. of 132. Some one in administration made the mistake of putting me in 1A where in the end of year exams I scored 74 for Latin and 77 for MathsII putting me from memory second last in each subject. I quickly graduated to class 2E and stayed there (E class) until fourth year when I discovered malibus and Newport Bungan beaches. This was much more exciting than oompah,oompah,wack it up your joompah, Bismark coral and gold and yakenomics. It was subsequently decided that as I was a January 1945 baby and as I could hang ten better than add up to ten that I should revisit fourth year. So unlike you other guys I spent an extra year in Falcon street and was bored to tears clutching my leaving Certificate at Gore Hill Tech accountancy class. After various Sales Rep positions I became a Medical Detailer with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals with a brand new HR Holden. I threw that in to join Barry Mckenzie in London,working in Carnaby Street,London 300, Lloyds of London(as a computer expert!!), Leysin Switzerland working in a Ski Lodge, Iceland,Laguna Beach, San Francisco CA and Honolulu.Vietnam was in full swing and as I had a green card the Yanks tried to draft me so I escaped back to Sydney where I became involved in sports cars, both selling and collecting eventhally buying my own business. In recent years I have raced cars in Suzuka Japan and in Australia in the classic car movement and in April 2001 have competed in canberra as part of the Shannons 2001 Motoring Tour.

I have found and sad memories of NSBHS from my first day when Tom Mason disguised as Batman told us and our parents that "the boys should wear school hats to protect them from suncancer". Now this was before sun cancer was invented. The next day the four or five boys who wore hats had them trampled into the dust in the main Quad. It reminded me of my hero - Richmal Crompton's "William".I also remember Hensley and Henry's Dective Agency or Yak and Fsh private eyes, investigating the serious matter of who threw Holey Joe's hat in the chalk dust on top of the cupboard in the class room closet to Reggie Wilko's caning office. Holey Joe was our Religious Instructions teacher who wore all black and glasses made from the bottoms of coke bottles and was older than Pop Shearman. We were kept in for days and threatened with death if we didn't expose the culprit(s). In a secret ballot we were asked repeatedly to write the culprits name(s) on a folded piece of paper. Everyone including the Pope Edward Burns, Pop, Guts, Cake, Nancy, Yak, God, Hitler and the Queen copped the blame.There were many other funny memories including those in assembly of the poor innocent students who were blamed for everything automatically from Hiroshima to blowing up the school new horn system which was very short lived. Famous names like Chinner, Paddy Dawson, Daley (was that Arther?) Sime and others.

My saddest moment however was in 1987 when I had returned to Sydney after a few years in Byron Bay. I was doing temp nursing in one of Moran's private Hospitals in Hornsby where I discovered Tom Mason in one room with his wife in the room opposite. They were both old but healthy, but had Alzheimer's disease and were unaware of each others presence or anything else that was going on. It was a sad way to see such a great man to spend his last days in this condition. I have lots more to say but that's all for now"

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