First, the apology...
Monty Fox writes under the heading: "Miss Otis Regrets... (don't get any NSBHS funny ideas!)":

"On Saturday 20 October I expect to be trudging along in the mountains of Italy. On that day I will have a glass or more of vino to my school mates of 40 years ago and to those who are no longer with us. Please record my apologies at the dinner. Have a great time.
But for this trip, wild horses wouldn't have kept me from the reunion. Please keep me on the email distribution list and let me know of any group photos, videos available, etc. If anybody ever hears of Quentin Potter, please put me in touch, as I'm organising a reunion of Waitara Public School 6th class of 1955.
I wish you all well and look forward to seeing you at our 50th."

And now to the bios... hang onto your glasses....
First, poor old Tony Friend writes:

Help! I'm drowning in bio's Well, after a period of peace and stability, we are into action again. Squillions of bio's appearing! I will try to get these up on the site in the near future, but it'll take a week or so, I expect. (This work has to, unfortunately, take second place to the activities that generate revenue)."