Dear All,
Martin Coles needs help (see below). Can anyone with any ideas/help, please contact Martin directly? If anyone else is having the same problem, perhaps they can contact Martin and ask him for any good leads provided...

PS The acceptances are pouring in and I shall circulate the latest list soon....

Hi Ron,
I would like to come to the reunion dinner but am staggered at the prices of accomodation in the North Sydney area. Does anyone know of budget accomodation within walking distance of the North Sydney Oval? I only need a bed and access to a bathroom for three nights. B & B would be fine. The only costs I can find from here are an hotel at Crows Nest and a motel in Atarmon, both with prices starting at $175+ per night. This would put the cost of the long weekend at $700-$800 which I cannot justify.

Coming from country Victoria, I have a nine hour drive so need to do this on Friday 19/10 (otherwise I may fall asleep during the dinner), and having come this far would want to stay for the lunch on Sunday. So looking for affordable accomodation ($70-$100 per night) for three nights 19-21/10 incl. Any ideas folks?

Regards, Martin