Pete Jack writes:

Unreliable Memories
1. In one of the earlier msgs. someone enquired about Roger Soady. Roger was indeed a student & he repeated 3rd year in 1959 with myself and several other lads including Kevin Matthews & Ollie Nesbitt. They all left after the Inter. of 1959, so their stay with the 57-61 boys was only transitory. Roger lived above his fathers butcher shop on the Pacific Hway. opposite Longueville Rd.

2. I dont recall the elephant incident, but do recall suffering grievously at the hands of Yak Hensley after Dave Mead and myself applied to North Sydney Council for the position of garbageman on Yaks behalf. It all came unstuck when the application fell into Yaks hands & the class- we were in the room next to Toms office- was subjected to a writing test which was used to progressively weed out the innocent. Facing imminent exposure ( and no doubt hoping for leniency-- although prehaps some of our learned brethren could advise on a pro bono basis ) we confessed & later faced an extremely uncomfortable interview with Tom which resulted , amongst other sanctions the serious matter of " writing home".On reflection I think Yak must have been well back in the queue when they handed out a " sense of humour".

John Harrison's contribution to this collection of failing memories:

I put in that 17th January 1977 was the date of the Granville train crash. The rust associated with my aging scalp decoration to my hair has had an effect on short and long term memory. The correct date I believe was 18th. Can you amend my bio so that perjury is not added to my failing reputation?