Quentin Munro writes:

Please tell Martin that he is welcome at the 'Munro's. Martin and I were very early versions of petrol heads. He had a 1951 Singer Sports and I think I either had aspirations for, or an actual 1949 MG TC. My aspirations preceded the MG.

I also recall Martin being lured by the bright lights of show business as an assistant producer (aka "gofer") at the Independent Theatre. As I recall, this was the aftermath of his position of "Lighting Director" at the 5th Year Review.

Anyway, we have plenty of room at our place at Chatswood.

My office number is (02) 9433 7541. Home is (02) 9415 1315. Or reply by email.

We accept BankCard and AMEX and insist on charging GST as would every Old Falconian. (Bollocks!).

Tell him I'd like to see the old bastard again! Avec partner or on his Pat Malone.