Rod Wise hasn't been paying attention. If its drag and weird attire he wants, Oct 20 could be an event that would rival the Sydney Mardi Gras. If the various groups wore their full regalia, the parade into North Sydney Oval would be a doozy.

Up front would be the spooks, Gordon and Thomas clearing a security path in full trench coats , pork pies with standard issue antennae out the top.

Then the military contingent led by Chris Barrie in full Gilbertian Admiral's rig, which I asume still includes feathered cock hat, and Tim Ford in his UN colours.

The academics next will all be suitably ridiculous , Mortley in complete VC's drag, droopy hat and all, with Radom and Yee et al presumeably bedecked in PHD robes of various hue.

The medicos led by Tennant, Pettigrew and Harrison may be a little colourless in hospital white but if the judges Levine and James come next in full scarlet, ermin and full horsehair wigs, that will bring howls of delight.

I guess the IT mob will just look shellshocked and nerdy but if the aging sportsmen go for the lycra option the passions will no doubt be stirred. As for the architects, Taussig, Tribe and others, a little design thinking could produce the unexpected.

The public servants, well nothing will save them and their cardigans will simply have to be endured. The economists, Lowndes et al should dismally follow them and then Wise and the other journos all bitter and twisted.

The fully robed clerics could then wrap it up with joyous songs of praise; perhaps Wise might be encouraged to re-open the throat and join them, acknowledging that the display, while perhaps sadly lacking a real transvestite, came damn close after all!

Bruce Donald
PS I forgot Connell of course who could be asked to revert to the pantaloons and ruff collars of his undergraduate days.