Chris Wills writes:
At the class of 62, 30yr reunion I remember catching up with Tony Scanlon, who I am sure started with us in 57. He was a good mate and he gave me his contact details on the night of the function. But I misplaced it immediately - along with a substantial number of brain cells. He is not listed anywhere but I understand he is a schoolteacher living in the Mosman area at least he was 9 years ago. Can anyone shed any light here?

Ian Haigh writes:
Thank you for including me in the list ,although I finally got to do the Leaving in 1962.Unfortunately I am going overseas for 4 weeks from 5 October so I cant join you.Enjoy the celebrations!

John kenniwell writes:
would be delighted to put Paddy up for a few nights - and yes i will send in the official 'bio' and other forms to ensure i have a seat reserved before having to face Carnegie once again - he always impressed me with the way he could get your knuckles when he brought the cane back up after one had flinched and tried to withdraw one's hand - i'll send Paddy an email as well
john k.