Tony has just sent the suggestions below which accords about the Principal. If anyone wants to chase up any other teachers as he suggests, I am sure none of us would have any objections...
I/we shall await to hear if anyone does so...

I think both Graham and Marc (see below) are saying that they think it is really not appropriate to invite the current principal, all things considered, and she would likely be asking herself "why am I here?".

I support that position. She really has nothing in common with any of us. The puerile exploits we will probably talk about, while funny to us in hindsight, will probably not be at all funny to someone trying to manage a very different school in a different time.

I think it would be much better to invite some of our old teachers, such as "Basher" Barnett, who is apparently still with us and in good shape. And of course, Nancy Deans, who has already been invited.

Arthur Henry is still alive, so there are probably many more. I have a few favourites, such as Pat "Luigi" Devir, who failed dismally at teaching me whatever he tried to teach me (I think "English"), but who I still think of fondly. Perhaps it was because he was the first person to make it clear to me that is was necessary to grow up.

We definitely should invite Jeannette Spies, if for no other reason than to satisfy our curiosity as to what she turned out to be like as a mature woman. (Read: What would we be living with if our dreams had come true)

We could even invite "The Duchess". I'm sure she would decline, but it would at least force her to acknowledge her roots.

Tony Friend


Graham Balfe wrote:
I have no objection to the principal attending but I suspect that she may not wish to come as she probably does not know anyone and may feel she has more exciting things to do on a Saturday night. Thus if she is invited we should be careful not to put her on the spot.


Marc Thompson wrote:
This really is a funny position to be in. I have never been involved with the Old Falconians Union and my only previous contact with the school administration was when my son went through NSBHS from 1985 to 1990.

I think the reunion will be a time to reflect on times past, both at school but more importantly for me at least, what we have been doing with our lives for the last 40 years and what we hope to do in the future. In this sense I have no desire to talk to the Principal but I have no strong objection to her being invited.