I'll have a go at persuading Jack Moffett out of his 'interstate'? obligations that he says prevent his attendance. How remarkable that Troutman is to come!
Bruce Donald

Dear All,
I think I agree that we all would rather talk to each other than the Principal....
In that case, I think Graham's suggestion:

"Perhaps the Principal would prefer to be on site during the walk through only, so we could meet her, ask her about the school and she would then be free to escape."

is the best idea. Perhaps Graham can invite her to the lunch if he ever makes contact with her...

Rod Wise suggests (see below) that Charles Troutmann be asked to speak which seems like a nice idea... I don't think Moffett is coming, unless any of you want to work on him...
There are more acceptances coming in....


> ronaldo,
> can i make a suggestion:
> the after-dinner speaker MUST be charlie troutman, ably assisted by jack
> moffett if he turns up.
> Rod.
> P.S. I think asking charlie to speak would close a rather ugly chapter in
> the history of our year.
> what do you think?
> P.P.S. Asking moffett would reopen another, much darker chapter, to the
> hilarious entertainment of us all.