Doug Mill writes:
"I see Bill Toft (Science and Rugby) quite regularly and he expressed interest to come and maybe bring some teacher mates. if you are interested in that opportunity, please call me to organise"

I have taken him up on his offer and attach with this e-mail the info and form documents that people can give to any teachers they wish to invite. We have invited Nancy deans who has accepted and she is coming as our guest. However, I think any other teachers will have to pay their own way since we have not budgeted for this. of course if they come on the Sunday lunch, then that is a cheaper alternative for them... So, if you check out Tony Friend's wonderful web site:

then you can find a full list of the teachers. Feel free to see who you can find if you wish. I mentioned to Doug that Bob Connell in his bio had had kind words for Ian Boardman:

In fifth year we had a terrific English teacher, Ian Boardman, who gave me a feel for what really good teaching could be. I'm eternally grateful to Ian for not laughing when I showed him some of my adolescent poetry. In fact he encouraged me to go on writing, so I suppose NSBHS does bear some of the blame after all. "

and Doug Mill also mentioned he had also had some contact with Ian Boardman and had very fond memories of him.

Indeed, to throw in another anecdote (which I sent to Bob Connell when he write the above) I wrote back to Bob:

"I forgot to mention that I was sitting as the single presiding member of the Immigration Review Tribunal hearing an appeal in the late 1980s when Mr Boardman showed up (I still can't use first names for teachers and I don't think I knew his first name). He in fact recognised me and then I recognised his name (its funny how the names stick so vividly in one's brain). Anyway, the funny thing was, that I called him "Sir", just like a little (good, NSBH) schoolboy...!".

Obviously the idea of inviting teachers is becoming more wisespread since Tony Friend has just written:

I think it would be [good] to invite some of our old teachers, such as "Basher" Barnett, who is apparently still with us and in good shape. And of course, Nancy Deans, who has already been invited. Arthur Henry is still alive, so there are probably many more. I have a few favourites, such as Pat "Luigi" Devir, who failed dismally at teaching me whatever he tried to teach me (I think "English"), but who I still think of fondly. Perhaps it was because he was the first person to make it clear to me that is was necessary to grow up. We definitely should invite Jeannette Spies, if for no other reason than to satisfy our curiosity as to what she turned out to be like as a mature woman. (Read: What would we be living with if our dreams had come true) We could even invite "The Duchess". I'm sure she would decline, but it would at least force her to acknowledge her roots."

I think by "Duchess" he may be referring to Lady Kerr. However, I think she, like her husband, is no longer with us.

By the way, for those who have not been with us from the beginning, there was some good anecdotes about Arthur (including the fact that he featured earlier in the year in the SMH Granny column) and also about Lady Kerr nee Anne nee Nancy Robson... These anecdotes are preserved in the archives on our web page...

So, see which teachers you can chase up... Nancy Deans may be able to help if you want to give her a call at (02) 9416-6406, or indeed the school might have info on this...

If you want to discuss this or co-ordinate this further, perhaps contact Doug Mill at or ph: 9411-5006; (h) 9415 2077 (w).

Otherwise feel free to give the attached form and info sheet to any teachers you can find....

Good luck!


NSBHS info sheet