The newly found Dennis Hughes writes:

Hi Ron
Chris has reminded me of Room 9??
This is the room in the middle of 3 (I think) on the ground floor at the southern end of the quad He is referring to the trapdoor at the south eastern corner of the room just large in enough to squeeze through and underneath enough depth and width to house 3 miscreants The smell of tobacco was not usually smelt because the teachers mostly all smoked and lit up between periods The ceiling at the northern end of the assembly hall was another gathering place accessed via the stairwell with another well contructed stairwell I disinctly remembering a guy by the name of Moffett putting his foot through the ceiling one morning during assembly and not one teacher noticed Another couple of names that come to mind who I was friends with in first year were Roger Soady and Alan Smith I went to primary with them and I first went to North Sydney Tech School and didnt move to NSBH till about April 1956

Have you replied as to whether you are or are not coming to ***THE EVENT***??? if you haven't you will soon face the full wrath or bruce Donald and Barry Silverton who are trying to count how many are or are not coming by combining the digits on the hands and toes of your hard-working committee...