Chris Wells writes:

Nice to hear from Dennis. I knew my memory of the legendary Room 9 had not failed me in spite of what has happened to it (my memory) since.

Dennis is spot on with the foot though the assembly hall ceiling. At the time I did not know whose it was but it appeared I think in the midst of a solid grouping of spit balls.

Lost brethren Howard Sattler replies:
Contact details: or

Thanks for confirming I am alive...after this incredible week it rates as a bonus!!!
Most of the addressees were blasts from the past, as I have only been back in Sydney for 18 months after 30 years in Western Australia. Now through the marvels of modern communication and the desire to be with my family I have returned to Perth, though I will continue to broadcast to Sydney(2SM), NSW and Queensland country centres through my network employer. That presents a logistical problem for the reunion which I'd love to attend.

I am committed to be back in Sydney for most of the federal election campaign, whose dates rest with the PM. If that includes October 20 I'd definitely turn up at North Sydney, albeit as a late starter and with the indulgence of the organisers. For now I'll have to tender my apologies, with the hope that I can renew acquantainces at a later date.
Stay in touch.

NB: Roger Cook: Yes that was me in the Second XI in '61 (when I reached my sporting peak) and no I didn't repeat 4th Year (it was 1st)....we media people like the get our facts right (believe that and you'll believe anything).