Dear OC Members

re Teachers and those $ challenged.

How about we invite, as our guests, all the teachers interested (and interesting!) and our colleague, S-L who can't afford it. I expect our budget won't cover this, so rather than burden Ron and especially Barry with more work now on raising extra cash, what say we take a punt and ask for donations on the night. Two issues with this;-
  1. I am not sure if this would be polite in front of those invited as guests but I feel if put nicely "due to overwhelming interest from our old teachers, whom we have as guests, we need a few extra bucks. Donations now to X, Y or Z would be appreciated, say $5 or $10 is suggested". If we ask later in the evening when all are well oiled I expect wallets would open freely!
    Nb: if we averaged $7/head of say 90 attendees, ie, $630, this would cover 8 freebies. Sounds about right. Barry might comment.
  2. We may not get enough. I doubt this would be the case but if so I feel that a few of us could probably put in the extra, maybe we (organising committee) might have to put in say $50 each. And of course on Sunday we get another stab at getting donations.
Seeing how Col Bowser and Nancy were having such a good time at Bernie Newson's retirement farewell (former headmaster) a few months back, I feel that if there is a fair roll up of teachers, say 5 to 10 they would get a lot out of it amongst themselves. As someone said earlier, we will be reminiscing about childish exploits. So if there are a number of them, they can reminisce about their times at the school or whatever. But let's not go overboard seeking the last one - only those with whom we have some contact and who express some interest.

The above ideas go against the earlier thoughts not to ask a phalanx of teachers so I am not pushing hard on this - just an idea. But on reflection I do think a handful or so would get a buss out of it and it wouldn't be a big ask for another $5 or $10 on the night.

Others thoughts?