Dear Committee,
I reckon we may well reach the hundred mark. Latest list attached and the chase ups are beginning to come in.

Apart from Colin S's generous offer of five freebies, an even more generous member of our esteemed committee (who wishes to remain nameless) has offered a further 10 freebies if necessary. I have spoken to Keith S-L who was very touched by our offer and will let us know. I don't know of any other brethren who need help.

With regard to teachers, we need to pay for Nancy Deans. Doug Mill is already generously shouting Bill Toft. I am not sure that we are going to find that many teachers in any case. Doug said that Mr Rintoul is down south near Bateman's Bay/Moruya way... [Doug, was that right??]. There is also Graham Boardman in Cremorne or neutral bay.
Is there someone on the committee who will take over inviting teachers? Could such a person/people contact me, and I will hand out teacher names as I find them. .

The big question is who is brave enough to invite Ish? If he were to come, it would be a bit like having a museum piece on show... Anyway, we now have enough to allow the brethren to find some more teachers....