Some very generous brethren have offered to pay for the attendance of any former teachers we find who are interested/physically capable of attending. In order to spur you on to find some, I offer the following gems from former e-mails which those who joined later may not have seen....

Let us know if you find any teacher leads...
regards, Ron

SMH Column 8

Date: 29/01/2001

Arthur Henry, 97, who lives near Singleton, handed in his driver's licence before Christmas. He'd had a slight stroke and his doctor had told him he shouldn't drive on the roads. The RTA has told him that he has an unblemished driving record since getting his licence in 1928. His neighbour, Perry Shaddock, wonders whether this is a record - and says that Arthur still drives two kilometres every day to his mail box and to inspect his cattle.

SMH (Granny Column again):Date: 31/01/2001

Arthur Henry, the 97-year-old who only recently relinquished his driver's licence (Column 8, Monday), is fondly [sic] remembered by those associated with North Sydney Boys' High School, He is its definitive "old boy" - not merely a former pupil, but also its one-time sports master and modern languages master, according to Dr John Begg, of Balgowlah, an admiring former student. "I'm 77 and I still can't stop calling him Sir," he adds. Other old boys reminded us that the school's A.F. Henry Hall is named in his honour.

And Chris Barrie in an earlier e-mail wrote:

"Former Governor of NSW,Rear Admiral Peter Sinclair, has told me that on one occasion as Governor he addressed a community group in the Hunter Valley only to discover Arthur seated in the front row. Afterwards Arthur told the Governor that he had come especially to check up on an old boy of NSBHS."