I don't seem to be able to see Chris Barrie's email address amongst your ever-growing list of email addresses, so, if you do have it, I wonder if you would be good enough to forward the following,maybe not only to Chris but to all of our 'brethren':

I would like to take this opportunity (ie of having email access to you via our current NSBHS 'virtual' re-union) ) to congratulate you on your statesmanship and wisdom expressed on your brief appearance on SBS Late TV News last night... in expressing your sincere hope that a peaceful settlement to our current world crisis can be found rather than yet again resorting to armed force ( or words/sentiments to that effect). If only the world leaders , the key players , could act from a point of like wisdom, maturity and foresight.

I once again commend you on your stance.
John Butterworth