NIGEL'S PHOTS (results)
Not all have been identified...
Here is the info we have thus far:

Nigel Muir (who sent the photos) wrote:
The first was taken in February 1960 by a photographer for the Sydney Morning Herald. From left to right, it shows Paul Hohnen, John Harkness and Nigel Muir. The reason for these Falconians being perched in the boot of Chevy (I think) is that we had been hitch-hiking at Cremorne Junction in an unusually diligent effort to reach school during a bus strike and were offered this seating by a passing driver whose car was already full. The photo did actually appear in the next day's paper.

The second was also taken by the Sydney Morning Herald. It shows eight NSBHS cadets getting organised on the train at Grand Central on the way to Singleton in 1958 or 1959 (I believe it was most likely 1958). I cannot identify everyone. Third from the left is David Lincey, and fourth is Ken Walker (I think). Of the three faces on the right of the photo, I can only identify Graham Birse (at the top) and myself in the middle. I don't recall whether this photo was ever printed.

Hope these bring back some old memories for some.
Chris Wills wrote:

Nigel1a: Paul Hohnen, John Harkness, Nigel Muir in the boot of a Chev Impala
Nigel2a: Best guess: Ian McDuie, Dave Lincey, Bob Watts, Nigel Muir, NFI x 4

Jim Walker wrote:
Ron - can't yet name all the characters, but recognise myself with the kit bag - it was in the SMH and my mother still has it proudly displayed! Tony Friend wrote: Unfortunately, the car is easier to recognize than some of the people. It's a Chev Bel Air about 1957 model.

John Harrison wrote:
Won't get the prize but car boot scene is Paul Hohnen on the left and John Harkness in the middle.....stuck on last and car make??? Photo 2 in train on way to Alzheimers is back in control with that sea of young healthy faces....I' m John Harrison (I think?)

Tony Williams wrote:
Paul Hohnen on left and then John Harkness perhaps. No idea about the third guy. Could the car be a Chevvy.

TEACHER COMPETITION (NEW) (see attached staff photo from the website)

Pete Jack writes:
Has anyone noticed?
Who is the unnamed teacher in the backrow between Boardman & Devir?
In the backrow are 14 teachers of which only 13 are named.I recognise Devir 6th on left but is the 5th named.If Boardman is on the left,of the 4 teachers between Boardman & Devir only 3 are named. Who isnt?

Any ideas?

Staff Nigel-1 Nigel-2