Our super sleuth Marc Thompson has found:

John C Foster: 26 Avenue Road Mosman NSW 2088 Home Ph 02 9969 4539 (no e-mail)


Donald R Colville is at 20 Beach Road Collaroy 2097 home phone 9971 8071.
E-mail doncolville@ozemail.com.au


Peter Marris is at 89 Lomond Drive Ningi QLD 4511 ph 07- 5497 5166
e-mail peterae@optusnet.com.au


Philip Diamond lives at 17 Ethne Ave Randwick 2031. Phone 02- 9399 5585. Mobile 0418 622204 e-mail anneandphildiamond@hotmail.com.au (currently in Paris)

Below is his report on the others he is presently tracing in case anyone can help.

However, the other day someone mentioned on the phone that they knew where Matthias Cheung was working (some medical/imaging/diasgnostic firm in Sydney???). Can that person let us know as soon as possible??

Here is Marc's latest efforts in case anyone else can help this last ditch effort to find the last missing brethren:

1 Graham Campbell. I could not find a record of a Graham Campbell either starting with us or finishing with us. Ian G Campbell started with us and finished the LC in 1962. The only guess I had was an Ian Graham Campbell at 8 Paul St Dundas 2117 ph 9898 3483 but it is not him.

2 Matthias Chi Ming Cheung. Matthias started in 1961 just to do the LC and then went to Uni (med?). There are two Chi Ming Cheungs on the electoral role in Sydney and neither of them are our man. I guess he qualified and went back to Asia to practice.

3 Philip Diamond Found see other e-mail.

4 Barry Gow is Barry R Gow in the 1957 enrolment records. I found a Brian Gow, a dentist at the McMahon's Point address in Rod Wise's stuff and the guy B R Gow at 24 Uralba Place North Wahroonga ph 9858 1997 says it is not him. I tracked down Barry's brother Allan Arthur Gow at Hornsby Heights ph 9476 5469. He was very vague about where Barry was - "somewhere on one of the lakes near Lake Macquarie" I have found a Barry Stuart Gow at 2A Payten St Eraring 2264 ph 4970 5173 but it is not him and a Barry Antony Gow at 12 Appletree St Wingham ph 6553 5632 and it is not him either and a B Gow in Merewether but it is not him either.

5 John Douglas Edward Holmes is at 36 Fitchett St Garran ACT 2605 ph 02-6282 1449. Has answering machine - will call again tonight. May have been FOUND as this name would almost be unique.

6 Paul Anthony Hohnen did not start or finish with us but is in the electoral role at 89 Beach St Ettalong Beach 2257. No phone number. I rang E W Hohnen at 32 Wells St Booker Bay 2257 on 4341 9956 but he said he was not related. Letter has been sent to 89 Beach St Ettalong Beach 2257.

7 Edward George Lea appears lost probably in England. Bernie Marks made a valiant attempt to find Edward on his last trip to the UK. I gave him seven possibles from the International White Pages but no match.

8 Peter Marris is FOUND. See separate e-mail.

9 Ronald L Matthews is still lost. His mother was Mrs N J Matthews at 19 Daisy Street Chatswood. May have a brother Ted. was last reported to be in Scotland.

10 James Meredith Morgan may be at 86 Upper St Tamworth 2340 ph 02- 6766 5461. No answer so far, will call again tonight.

11 Peter Geoffrey(?) Morrison is lost. There are no people of this name on the electoral roll in NSW. Four other Peter G Morrisons but no Peter Geoffrey Morrison.

12 Brian Charles Pierce. There is one at 63 Brighton Street Harbord or Curl Curl 2096 ph 9905 4800 which I think may have been the number that was on the records 10 years ago. Always get an answering machine and no one rings back. Has answering machine - will call again tonight. There is another Brian Charles Pierce at 24 Undercliff Rd Harbord 2096 ph 9905 3792 who may not be our man either but he has an answering machine too.

13 Quentin Charles Potter was listed at 150 Thompson St Cootamundra ph 02- 6942 3001. He is the son of Mrs C S Potter at the family home 70A Burdett Street Hornsby ph 9477 3364. She took my details so that she could pass the message to him on his mobile. He is apparently a consultant and back in Sydney but she said he may not want to be involved with the reunion.

14 John William Pritchard There are 5 on the NSW electoral roll only 3 in the white pages. I may be wrong but the one most likely is at 23 Neale Ave Cherrybrook 2126 no phone number listed. One is at 19 Frank St Mt Druitt 2770 no phone, another in a unit 14/690 Montpelier Dr The Oaks 2570 ph 02- 4657 2814, another in a unit 8/279 Alison Rd Coogee 2034 ph 9665 6715 (I think I ruled him out months ago) and finally one is at 124 Hill Rd Lurnea 2170 ph 9608 4109 ( I think I ruled him out too). A problem with people with common names.

15 David R Sutherland, son of Lawrence Robert Sutherland so the R may stand for Robert. The only one in NSW is in a unit at 1/180 Rusden St Armidale 2350 with no phone listing so our man may be interstate.

16 Robert D Wilson started in 57 , unsure when he finished. Son of Cecil Douglas Wilson so the D may be Douglas. There are 14 Robert D Wilsons in NSW. His parents Cecil Douglas and Lorna Alice are no longer listed in the NSW electoral roll.

17 Peter Thomas Woodcock . There is a person with this name on the electoral roll at Laurendale, Illawarra Highway, Robertson 2577 no phone listing, I checked. Ten years ago Peter Woodcock was probably overseas. There was no listing under this name in NSW 10 years ago. Letter has been sent to Laurendale, Illawarra Highway, Robertson 2577? To avoid having Rod Wise travel up the escarpment to see if this guy exists...?

As you can see I have not given up but you may care to distribute this e-mail to the brethren in case any of the above triggers a memory or the desire to make contact.

I m nominating Marc for the Rod Wise Find a Brethren Prize for 2001.

Regards, Ron