Tony Scanlon writes:

Dear Ron,

a couple of things:

1) I nb from the student list at least two people absent who were at NSBHS in the specified period.

John Noakes - lived in Willoughby, was from memory a recent immigrant from Pommyland; bloody good socccer player. he was certainly at NS in the first three years 57-59; used to knock around with Bob Watts;

Doug Best - came to NS ex Mosman High after the Intermediate Certificate, lived I think around Seaforth;

2) some teacher info - Hemsley was nicknamed Yak - he was an excellent bloke - tutored Angelo Jones and I in Economics in 1962 (Angelo and I both repeated) at his own home in Epping, free of charge; James was also nicknamed Jesse (obviously); Dave Conway is missing from the list - I'm fairly certain he was there in 1961, taught Ancient History, again an excellent bloke; Pearce (Latin teacher) was nicknamed Daddio; he had flown as a gunner in bombers in the RAAF; Bates (Librarian) was nicknamed Massta (again obviously); Tully was nicknamed Tom or Tough Tom.

3. A brief bio:

I repeated 4th year and finished at NSBHS in 1962, hence NSBHS 1957-62.

Teachers College Wagga 63-64 (with Doug Mill) Hons 1 (Early English) Macquarie 74 PhD (Early English) UNE 1983

Have taught English at primary, secondary, tertiary levels in NSW and interstate since 1965. Retired 2000 on attaining the age of 55. Since then part-time teaching, freelance editorial work, reviewing, writing, general bludging.

Married (Susan Mack, ex Queenwood) 1967- . Ross Thomas was best man. 4 children ( 3f, I m)

Have had a parallel career in poetry which continues -have published 2 books of verse, working on the third. In a number of anthologies of Australian verse;

4. IA Hampden St Mosman 2088

Regards, Ron