Rod Wise, shaken by my threatening to name Marc Thompson as reigning champion person-finder has swung back into action and found Luigi (Pat) Devir. If anyone wants to go and see him and invite him, we have generous funds from brethren to cover inviting any teachers we find...:

Rod Wise writes: Ronaldo, shaken by the news that my crown is about to pass to younger, more virile hands, the old champ has come out of retirement to throw one last (Winning ?) punch. Luigi is at 130/107 Pacific highway, Hornsby. no listed phone number. sounds like a retirement village. so those who want him to make The EVENT had better hot-foot it up there pronto. Don't expect me to do it - I only do those things for the real greats - like YAK. Rod.

Anyone willing/able/closeby who can go and visit Mr Devir to see if he wants to come...? Many brethren have expressed the wish to see him...

Regards, Ron