John Kenniwell writes:
will be more than happy to se 'luigi' again as long as he doesn't bring that lump of paling ( i think it was a piece of timber off an old desk actually) that he used to inflict punishment upon those of us in 4th and 5th years. The process used to be that one came out to the front of the room, bent over with one's hands against the wall and he 'wacked' you fair across the bum with said timber - that hurt like crazy but the real pain was when you returned to your desk and tried to sit without your bottom touching your seat - he then came along and forced you to sit - that was when the pain really took over - apart from that i do remember his skills as a teacher
regards, j.a.k.
p.s. rodney, rodney, rodney - you'll always be a legend!!!!"

So, the question remians, is there someone who lives near Mr Devir (Mr Pat Devir 130/107 Pacific Highway, Hornsby. no listed phone number) who could drop in and invite him...?

Nancy Deans phoned to say how delighted she was to be invited and said that the following teachers have definitely passed on to the great staffroom in the sky:
Mr Gluyas (whom she said all the teachers also referred to as "Stickybum"
Nancy Taggert nee Robson nee Kerr (and changed from Nancy to Anne along the way too). Nancy Deans was at NSGHS with her as well!!!
George Cummings
John Bates
Lyn Bottomley
Bill Parkinson
HOWEVER, she gave me the great news that Jack Hensley (YAK) is living at 12 Paradise Ave, Roseville NSW 2068 Tel. 9412-2414.

I have just phoned him and he said he would be "delighted" to come. He remembers us all well and the invitation is "the best news I've had all year!"

Certain brethren have been adopting the "Shout a Teacher" approach pioneered by Tony Friend, who wrote (you may recall):
"Hell, these poor bastards put up with a lot of crap from us, and weren't even paid well for it. I really like the idea that's emerging that one of us sponsor a particular teacher. If even some of us can afford to "shout a teacher", we'd easily cover the cost of bringing along all we can find. So far, it's looking good."

If there are any of you out there who would like to share your good fortunes by sponsoring a teacher (i.e. fork out $80 so that the burden/pleasure/honour is shared around), drop me a line and I will tell you the name of the teacher you are (secretly) paying for. I must say that there are some very generous souls who have already been helpful to the committee so far in this regard...
Just drop me a line if you want to join the ranks...

HOWEVER, don't forget, if no one stirs themselves, Luigi might be sitting in Hornsby by himself during ***THE EVENT*** wondering if anyone ever thinks of him. If you are prepared to drop in and see him (we have no phone number..) , PLEASE let me know...