Doug Mill writes:

I feel humbled to think that I have been adopted by the '57 - '61 group even though I had started at NSBHS in '56 and did the L.C. in both '60 and '61. For that reason my Bio was sketchy. When I read of the major efforts of some of our alumni - Greg James and David Levine in the law, Harko in business,Brian Adams and Peter Keith as missionaries in Tanzania, Chris Barrie in defence and Tim Ford at the U.N.; mine pales into insignificance.

But, as in my Anecdotes, things interesting seemed to revolve around me rather than because of me and so I write more of them as a prod for others to come to THE EVENT.

My teaching career only lasted 3 years because my observation was that the teacher in the next room, teaching the same year and programme was the Deputy Head of 15 years extra service with the extra duties of preparing the sports,playground and transport rosters and cleaning out the sportsroom. What a wonder to look forward to.The catalyst to resign was the transfer note sending me to Bungarby (ever heard of it?). TONY SCANLON - get off the fence and come to give support to the teaching fraternity.

I was fortunate to play Rugby with Norths ('67 - '69) with John Thornett as my captain in my first year. Other notables at Norths were Roy Prosser, Russ Tulloch, Dennis Hughes and Peter Dind (year of '57) and against Tony Moore P.E. (5/8 for Ken Catchpole at Randwick). Anybody contacted Tony? Your teacher's list shows him not being there in '61 but he appears in the photo as coaching basketball.

My only claim to Rugby fame was a story from my mother, who was watching a televised game (black & white of course) between Norths and Uni and I had been knocked out. She was disgusted because the commentators, Trevor Allen and Cyril Towers didn't seem to know who the number 8 (me) was -Gordon Bray would have been able to recite my life's history. They talked at length about Rupert Rosenbloom, who had done the deed - part time commentators!!! DENNIS HUGHES - we need you there as our Australian Rugby representative.

My stint in Fiji, where I met my wife Shanti, was a place to meet the rich and famous. Apart from drinking with the Prime Ministers of Fiji , New Guinea, other Pacific nations and of course our own GG, my job required me to host David Niven,Raymond Burr, Dame Margot Fontaine, David Frost,Prince Phillip's Equiry Michael Parker and other business and screen notables.My only reason to drop these names is to highlight that not only have I never made use of these contacts (stupid me) but I have never met another one since returning to Australia. I've come back to being a small fish in a big pond and look forward to meeting the notables on 20th October.

Because of the different year scenario, the time in the country and o/s and the nature of life generally, my first contact with many of you again was at the 20 year reunion. How interesting for the old faces to emerge from the dimness of the past and revive stories of funny times and a lot of bullshit. After the 30th I vowed not to return. HOWEVER, ten years on and the advent of the Internet to open up our memories further, my apertite is wetted to chew the fat again.To talk of gravel dumped on Ishe's driveway, Yak Hensley coaching rugby on the front lawn, failing Latin and Maths badly (I'll apologise to Mr Bowser) and, of course Janet - aahhh. But our memories of school days will be dimmed by the onset of "old timers disease" and our apres school will be embellished by a couple of ales. But, who cares - we probably won't see each other again till we're nearly 70.

And so I exhort all those who are still pondering or alternatively have even said "no". Rethink and come. Peter Lander said last week that many from the year had become doctors, lawyers, clergy or academics. What the heck - even this 'failed at most things' can hold up one end of a conversation. I can discuss Paediatric bone marrow transplants with the doctors (my 19 year old son had one when he was 8). The slowness of getting a hearing at the District Court with the lawyers (been there and lost that). The right of Bishop Spong, on behalf of Episcopalians, to claim that the risen Jesus was not physical with the clergy (my Christianity is based on this fundamental). Also the relative values of the Centenary over the Garvin with the boffins ( my daughter won her honours studying inflammatory bowel disease).

So come on Tony and Dennis; also Bill Mirrow, Bruce Cowan and Warwick Wilson (remember Turramurra) Rick Leslie (Drearie's Maths) Angelo Jones and Bruce Walker (basketball and rugby). I'm bringing along Bill Toft and Grahame Boardman and they have even more memories. Come and share yours