Our thoughts of late have been very much of those who live in the USA, and it was very touching to read some of the emails concerning the MTC aftermath that have surfaced through our NSBHS network.

In any event, the enclosed are my contributions to the web site if you're able to 'install' them, please.

They encompass:

(a) a couple of photos (one of me, one of me and Jenny) for the biographical part of the site;

(b) a photo that I thought might be interesting for the memorabilia part of the site, particularly because it includes Robbie Winkler. I think it was taken after the Intermediate Certificate exams in 1959, when some of us hired a boat on the Lane Cove river. Those in the photo (all from our school group) are: (back row) Robbie Winkler, Chris Hunt, John Cowie, (front row) Ian Thomas and Chris Tennant.

(c) some other trivia that I found in the garden shed (literally!) that you may or may not want to include (Iíll leave it to your editorial judgement):
- our English Literature Leaving Certificate paper (who will ever forget Macbeth!!)
- a page from a 1959 'Gazette' where some advice on sex education is passed on to us by no less a person than J. Edgar Hoover!
- another such page from April 1961, where we are all cautioned against 'thumbing rides'
- and finally one from October 1961, just prior to our own departure to swat for the LC

Find the Text for the articles above here

Look forward to seeing you (all being well) next month

Chris Hunt