Hi Ron,

Further to my earlier e-mail, I have spoken very briefly to David Madrers who has a mobile
0417 373597 and an e-mail davpos@bigpond.com

Please e-mail him with the EVENT details.


Marc Thompson
Company Adviser, RetireInvest Sydney Office
Ph. (02)9373-4716

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Hi Tony and Ron,

Sorry Tony. I had dropped him off my list ages ago for some reason, probably because he finished in 1962 and did not sit the LC with us in 1961 and was not in the phone book anywhere in Australia. This was our major source earlier on. Given that we have a broader group now, he definitely qualifies.

David Madrers is John David Madrers at 15 Palomino Dr, Mudgeeraba Qld 4213, no phone listing.

Ron, Please send a letter although I know it is late.


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From: Tony Friend [mailto:TF@Aso.Com]
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To: Marc Thompson
Subject: David Madrers

Not so swift. You still have not accounted for David Madrers, who used to sit next to me in about 3rd year. He is on our web site as a missing brother, and in the spreadsheet as well.

C'mon - do your stuff! :-)

Looking forward to seeing you next week
Tony Friend

Marc Thompson wrote:

That is great news. It means we are down to 9 lost including 2 who did not finish with us.