Alan Johnson writes: RON ,

1. I came from Homebush High to complete the last two years at NSBH. YAK was an economics teacher there and his logo was scribbled all over the rail network on the Bankstown/Lidcombe line and probably on the main Northern line as well. How did the nickname and logo travel with him?

2. My memory of David Levine's opening line was that he took on the Wilko persona ( slight hunch and head tilted to one side, slightly gruff voice) and demanded that the quadrangle be cleaned up. I cannot remember the exact words but that was the intent of it.

3. That car with three very young lads in it s boot is a 1959 Chevrolet ( probably a Bel Air).

4. Can Bob Connell recall the two of us putting up a ban the bomb poster (made of brown paper I think) on the last day and being caught?"

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